Relationships: Way too intricate to deal with!


Amid the intricacies of lives in this new busy era it is way too difficult to get into the underlying depths of relationships. As far as I can expand the horizons of my view, each day I find men and women messing around with their lives. Some discussing about that one wrong decision because of which they suffered from wrenching fights, quarrels and finally a divorce, and some telling me about the sweaty efforts they are making to hold on somehow.

You might have gone through a couple of advises from relationship experts and probably have heard a plenty of Don’ts- Don’t misbehave, Don’t irritate, Don’t doubt and the most common Don’t think he/she is madly in love with you when he/she is not. Well, there should be one more Don’t added to the list-Don’t listen! Yes, you heard it right. The finest relationships in the world focus on Do’s not Don’ts.

Healthy relationship is a choice!

It’s easy to fall in love but far too difficult to maintain it- An extremely true phrase quoted by a spotless mind. A strong healthy relationship improves all aspects of life and if it doesn’t then it can be a drain altogether. Relationships are your own lifetime choices and investments, the more you invest the more you get.


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