Relationships: Way too intricate to deal with!


Amid the intricacies of lives in this new busy era it is way too difficult to get into the underlying depths of relationships. As far as I can expand the horizons of my view, each day I find men and women messing around with their lives. Some discussing about that one wrong decision because of which they suffered from wrenching fights, quarrels and finally a divorce, and some telling me about the sweaty efforts they are making to hold on somehow.

You might have gone through a couple of advises from relationship experts and probably have heard a plenty of Don’ts- Don’t misbehave, Don’t irritate, Don’t doubt and the most common Don’t think he/she is madly in love with you when he/she is not. Well, there should be one more Don’t added to the list-Don’t listen! Yes, you heard it right. The finest relationships in the world focus on Do’s not Don’ts.

Healthy relationship is a choice!

It’s easy to fall in love but far too difficult to maintain it- An extremely true phrase quoted by a spotless mind. A strong healthy relationship improves all aspects of life and if it doesn’t then it can be a drain altogether. Relationships are your own lifetime choices and investments, the more you invest the more you get.


There is no psychological dimension that can unravel the intricacies of your relationship. It is you who started it and it will only be you who can put together all the broken pieces. Let’s just have a look how to make your relationship meaningful and exciting one all the time.

  • Love: We started our relationship because we in fell in love truly, deeply and madly but to our surprise by the end of some years everything else is in place except that true, deep and mad love. Too often we mistakenly believe that after a while love takes a back seat and our priorities the front one, and this is where the spark diminishes. To have a good bond never let this spark get out of your lives and remember you can never love more or less; it’s just that either you love or you don’t.
  • It’s just a fight: No relationship is a perfect one and there are times when we fight even after loving each other madly. But it’s not about indulging into a fight it’s about getting out of it the sooner you can. Try to take even the worst part of your beloved because if you can’t handle the worst you certainly don’t deserve the best. So, it’s just a fight not an end to a relationship.
  • Talk: Any relationship lacking honest and clean communication can never last long. You will have doubts, different views, expectations, fears, needs and desires at every point of your life. But expressing comfortably can refrain a molehill from becoming a mountain.
  • Keep that intimacy alive: Studies on kids have revealed that a loving touch is the most important aspect of their overall development and this theory is not restricted to children. Keep that romance alive even if you are the busiest person of the family because at times holding hands, hugging or kissing can speak more than words.

And yes, after going through all the above lineups it’s still important to understand that there are ups and downs in every relationship and you are not on the same stage all through your life. At times it becomes necessary to deal with the stresses of your partner because you have wowed to be together in suns and rains.




2 thoughts on “Relationships: Way too intricate to deal with!

  1. In continuity…

    The Distinction Between Love And Attachment

    Attachment is a mental state.
    It is a relationship we have with someone in our own minds.
    When we become attached to someone we use them (their image) to fill our mind. We find our thoughts are constantly filled with the image and the memories of their behaviour. It is not that we should never think about others, it is more about thinking about others only when it is necessary, and as we do to make sure we don’t lose our self in their image.

    This will eventually free us of dependency.

    Symptoms of attachment, and therefore the change of the energy of our love into fear, can be found when there is any personal desire or expectation of the other person.

    We(souls) forget we are already a source of (Love) what we have been taught to need and seek.

    Love never desires and it has no expectations. It doesn’t need to! As soon as you have any desire from others, or expectations of others, and your happiness becomes dependent on the desire or expectation being met, you are already giving birth to fear and anger, otherwise known as negative emotions, otherwise known as stress, otherwise known as suffering.
    Love never hurts.


    • Nice and pure thoughts on love!!

      There is a lot of difference between “love” and “true love” and what I talked about in here is “love”. About the attachment, love and relationship two people can have. And what you described is “True love”. A love where there is no gain, no loss, no expectations..nothing is required. It’s the purest thing one can ever experience.
      And truly, true love can never hurt! It can just fill your heart with the divinity, pureness and bliss.

      Lucky are the ones who feel it!

      Very nice thoughts sir. God bless you too 🙂

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