Sorry doesn’t make a dead man alive: “Courtesies” David Cameron

Crying over the spilled milk

There were days in the history of India when one of the so called British ‘Lords’, Lord Macaulay described this nation something like this:

“I have traveled across the entire India and have not been able to find one person who is beggar, thief and poor. The enormous wealth, great moral values and people with extraordinary caliber that I have seen in India is commendable. I don’t doubt but I am sure that we can never conquer this country unless we hit and break its backbone. The backbone is its spiritual and cultural heritage, and the ancient education system which make Indians invincible. The crux is to replace its ancient education system and culture with ours, for if Indians think that all that is ‘English’ is better than theirs, they will lose everything. They will lose their culture and their self esteem and would become exactly like we want them to. A truly dominated nation!”

And… There are days today when the present form of British “Lords” – The Leaders are saying sorry (out of pity and mercy) for all that they have destroyed. Ok! I will not beat around the bush and let’s get this straight. Yes I am talking about the present British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron, who recently felt sorry for the Jallianwala Massacre. Oh really! The British are really feeling sorry for all they have done. Then they might want to return the ‘Kohinoor’ which was just a small part of wealth they looted from India. Also, they would want to apologize for all the atrocities, for making India a ‘developing nation’, for making its citizens victims to western culture and for financing Industrial revolution by exploiting India.

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Through the voice of Damini: I want to live …….mamma!


It seems like it was yesterday, when I was my dad’s queen and mamma’s doll. My younger brothers, who made me their role model, were my darling kidos! It was an amazing part of my life when I was living the dream of my parents and mine as well. To become a physiotherapist! We were more than a happy family, we were together.

And then……something happened that shook me, you and the entire nation. Something which shouldn’t have happened, something that took my pride, my dignity and my life! I was walking through the streets of Delhi, without knowing that it is the last walk of my life. As soon as I boarded the bus, they started assaulting me like animals. I was despoiled, abducted, abused and dishonored. I cried through the bottom of my heart, every bit of me cried out for help. They threw me out of the bus after they were done. I was lying on the road, half dead! I blacked out with all the thoughts in my mind. Thoughts like I had so much to do in life, I wanted to be a wonderful daughter to my parents, wanted to make them proud, wanted to chase my dreams and inflame them, and damn I wanted to live my life. The next time I retrieved my senses, I was in a medical room, fighting for life. Though it was difficult for me to hear something but the rage outside was so loud that it struck my half dead brain. I heard people saying big things, media asking people ‘what do you think about a girl’s security in this nation?”. “What do you have to say about the rape?” There was a loud uproar outside! Loud to an extent that it overpowered the most important voice- My Voice! Saying….I want to live my life.

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Valentine’s Day: An Expression of Love or Just an Authentication!


So Everyone hows life?

It must get better as your favorite Valentine’s Day is coming over. 🙂 Did you guys realize or are still busy with the work assignments? I know the work pressures have vanquished the true, deep and mad love. That way you must thank this day, which came to your rescue. Valentine’s Day is highly anticipated by lovers not because they romanticize (except a few) about the day but because it’s a perfect day to confirm their love to that loved one. Not that I am one of those super conservative people who hate lovers (and love), it’s just that I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day ;). (it is not a national holiday after all) and that cupid….Get that guy some clothes! 🙂 🙂 :)! ! !

A beautiful card, a perfect gift and an amazing date- is it so necessary to live up to these overrated romantic ideals? Or love actually needs a backup to be expressed? With the modernization taking its toll many things and words are modified to something which is far different from their true meanings.

Something same happened with Valentine’s Day!

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