Valentine’s Day: An Expression of Love or Just an Authentication!


So Everyone hows life?

It must get better as your favorite Valentine’s Day is coming over. 🙂 Did you guys realize or are still busy with the work assignments? I know the work pressures have vanquished the true, deep and mad love. That way you must thank this day, which came to your rescue. Valentine’s Day is highly anticipated by lovers not because they romanticize (except a few) about the day but because it’s a perfect day to confirm their love to that loved one. Not that I am one of those super conservative people who hate lovers (and love), it’s just that I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day ;). (it is not a national holiday after all) and that cupid….Get that guy some clothes! 🙂 🙂 :)! ! !

A beautiful card, a perfect gift and an amazing date- is it so necessary to live up to these overrated romantic ideals? Or love actually needs a backup to be expressed? With the modernization taking its toll many things and words are modified to something which is far different from their true meanings.

Something same happened with Valentine’s Day!

The celebrations of February 14th roots from the fertility festivals in Rome when some rituals were performed with young women to make them more fertile. A few decades later it was celebrated by Christians in the tribute of a priest named Valentine. He secretly performed marriage ceremonies for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. This day was celebrated with little rituals in England and not with chocolates and expensive gifts.

And see…. what has been interpreted out of a simple ritual. When candies and flowers are more important than affection to express love! When your love is measured by what you buy! At least this is what is conveyed by all the commercials touting expensive jewelry and chocolates, made just for your “Someone Special”. Modern relationships have certainly changed the dimensions of love. Where men agonize over the gift counters, thinking what should be a perfect gift for her. Like if “I don’t buy her candies and chocolates she’ll assume that I think she is fat” and “If I gift her candies she can probably think that I want her to get fat”. Is the gift too funny or cheesy?

Isn’t that hilarious, people? I mean just give yourself a break and think twice about the kind of love both of you share, rather than thinking of what she’ll think of your gift. Because this is not love is all about! It has much more to it than chocolates and flowers and a perfect date! Not that I am telling you to not to celebrate this day. It’s just that I am trying to say that why expression of love has to be specified and abated to one particular day?  And if you take enough care to express your love even on the other days of the year, you’ll feel no need to buy expensive gifts on February 14th.

Lastly, I would like to apologize to all the die-hard fans of this day and to the gift stores who love the influx of cash that this day brings in. And Yes….

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉


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