Sorry doesn’t make a dead man alive: “Courtesies” David Cameron

Crying over the spilled milk

There were days in the history of India when one of the so called British ‘Lords’, Lord Macaulay described this nation something like this:

“I have traveled across the entire India and have not been able to find one person who is beggar, thief and poor. The enormous wealth, great moral values and people with extraordinary caliber that I have seen in India is commendable. I don’t doubt but I am sure that we can never conquer this country unless we hit and break its backbone. The backbone is its spiritual and cultural heritage, and the ancient education system which make Indians invincible. The crux is to replace its ancient education system and culture with ours, for if Indians think that all that is ‘English’ is better than theirs, they will lose everything. They will lose their culture and their self esteem and would become exactly like we want them to. A truly dominated nation!”

And… There are days today when the present form of British “Lords” – The Leaders are saying sorry (out of pity and mercy) for all that they have destroyed. Ok! I will not beat around the bush and let’s get this straight. Yes I am talking about the present British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron, who recently felt sorry for the Jallianwala Massacre. Oh really! The British are really feeling sorry for all they have done. Then they might want to return the ‘Kohinoor’ which was just a small part of wealth they looted from India. Also, they would want to apologize for all the atrocities, for making India a ‘developing nation’, for making its citizens victims to western culture and for financing Industrial revolution by exploiting India.

And why only India? They should also apologize to China for making them opium addict, to Africa for making them slaves, and the list goes on and on to a shameful extent. Dude 1000 lives were lost and 1200 were injured during Jallianwala Massacre, so don’t even try and disguise that with a SORRY. If they think this sorry can really make those dead men alive then we accept it, otherwise they can keep that sorry safe. They literally drained blood out of every Indian. We helped them but they deceived us and called us dogs. But according to my understanding this is less of a victory and more of a shame. Even after all these atrocities of British, there are still some Indians who think British ‘developed’ our nation.

For all those who still think the same way, I feel sorry for their low IQ. I’ll tell you why. British never educated Indians; they raised English speaking Indians for administrative works under them.  They never introduced railways with the intention of developing India, but to export Indian wealth. So before making such baseless statements build up your IQ.

Coming back to the point of British feeling sorry! Look guys we are genuinely not interested in your sorry so keep it with yourself. I am sure you are going need that in future as well. If you are asking for forgiveness (that’s what ‘sorry’ actually means), we are not forgiving you. Because your sorry is not making a difference to anyone. And lastly..

..Stop bragging about the wealth you have and stop flaunting it because a very large part of it belongs to us.


2 thoughts on “Sorry doesn’t make a dead man alive: “Courtesies” David Cameron

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