Safety pin,High heels and Women Empowerment.

Being Mentally Alert Is The Safest Thing To Keep Us Safe!!!

musings of ur

When I was in college, I had to travel by bus for 2 hours from home. Now that the media is screaming about crime against women in public transport every other day I am compelled to write this post. Those bus trips to the college were no joy rides. To be seated was a feat achieved very rarely. Usually we stand in this rather uncomfortable position holding the bars overhead with one hand and managing our college bags in another and almost breaking our necks trying to turn away from sleazy guys standing so near you that their smell of sweat brought bouts of nausea. Though there was this rule that men were supposed to stand at the back, no one seemed to follow it. Taking the over-packed bus as an advantage, they would climb through the front door, leaving little chance for us to complain.
We had to face…

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