Excessive Pessimism Begetting Pointless Fear

fear and pessimism

Remember that quite girl from high school who remained closed-mouth in the absence of teachers (when you use to shout out of  joy of being free), just because she “COULD” probably get punished?  Or that friend of yours who never complained about getting bullied because he “MIGHT” have to suffer even more.

There is over-abundance of such people I come across everyday in my life. Some fear making online transactions because their account might get hacked, some don’t revert back the eve teasers because they fear facing something really bad, some fear going to the ladies room if there are too many people outside and there are many such endless fears. Mostly I am surrounded by the people who are paradigm (sounds more of a positive word here, or maybe I am more optimistic ;p )of fearing petty things.

I mean it is totally cool to be prepared and disciplined all the time, but what about the times when even after being all the above you somehow fall into trouble. What will be your rescue plan then? There was this guy who never joined any sports classes because he feared getting injured and hence not getting selected in the defense services. Seriously!!!!!!!! And he just imagined all that stuff (which never actually happened) and (just for your knowledge, he was never able to enter defense because of his low stamina). His pessimism gave him nothing but closed all the doors to his dreams. People give up even before starting with something because of the fear of probably getting failed. But without taking risks how will you get to know your potential?

It’s completely your life and I really don’t want to force my thoughts. But I am keen to know the reason that why some people let pessimism take its toll and fear rule their lives? Why the guy getting bullied doesn’t get that complaining about those bastards would create fear in some corner of their hearts? They might think of harming him more but the fear will not allow them to do that. And the battle will be his!!! The girls getting teased need to understand that nothing will happen by remaining quiet. Stop the perpetrators right at the beginning and they will know that you are not an easy catch.

Life is certainly very beautiful and you got to live that beautifully not by fearing every other second. Don’t fear anyone until you did something wrong and even if something wrong happened (if that is by chance and not by choice) explain that with dignity and get along.

There is no world with full security and you’ll have to keep your ears open all the time, but that should never stop you from having fun. Be cautious and not suspicious! Speak, laugh, dance, cry, and do whatever you feel like but make sure to escape fear and have fun always.

And yes……remember “The Glass Is Always full (half air and half water)” 🙂 🙂 🙂


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