Poverty (Of Heart or of Material) Making People Shallow!

In our everyday lives we come across glimpses of sufferings and poverty almost every time we cross the comfortable walls of our homes. We see people working to the last drop of sweat to earn enough to gulp down a piece of bread. It is heart throbbing when I see such people and I am sure it might be the same for you. It leaves our heart filled with grief and there is nothing that can be more atrocious than this.

Stabbing of heart, et you brute

Really…is that so!!! Or is there something which is even more painful. Even more arduous than watching people sleeping on the roadsides!

Yes there is!!! It is poverty of heart which is making people shallow from within. Love is the most basic desire required by every human being, but the dimensions of being a human has been changed off late. It is more about self and less about others, more of grappling and less of giving, and more of making others unhappy. A very famous saying by a spotless mind goes like “99% of the people in this world are unhappy because others are happy and succeeding”. What is all this supposed to be? This is Poverty of heart. People have lost that very basic need of being a human-LOVE. I know for 20% of the people who are rejected and who are unlucky this comes by chance, but what about the rest 80%?

Who turn a deaf ear to the people shouting out loud for help, who rape small (and big) girls to the extent of death, who leave their parents in old-age homes to die and there is much more that I can add to the list. The fact that leaves me amazed is that we were brought up with an idealistic sense of right and wrong, and hence a clear understanding of what can hurt others. Then which part of our bringing up went wrong? I see people having idiosyncrasies about almost everything. The girl got raped because she must have given the wrong signals, old people are in old-age homes because they lose sense when they grow old, the girl is crying because she is into a habit of being like this and a lot more. For most of our planet mates, helping seems out of fashion and selfishness, egocentricity, obnoxiousness, self-obsession and meanness are the buzzwords.

Even the people who are in love with each other (lovers to be precise) are not in love actually. Being a romantic interest to someone doesn’t anywhere explain that people are in love. True love is purity of thought and rest is just infatuation that will just go away as soon as you find something more attractive. Helping someone with pure heart, making someone happy and doing things that doesn’t hurt them are a few things that can be thought-out as love. If people are happy from within, utmost part of their poverty goes away.

It’s more important to have a happy heart than a full purse.  So be nice to the people around, it will give a hyperbolic hype to your happiness.

P.S: It’s nice to be important but it’s very important to be nice!!! 


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