Heads we get married, Tails we break up!


“And there goes the coin…up…up…down…down…down…and ohhh!! Where is it???? Damn..Stuck in that tree,” said Clair.

Clair is this beautiful British girl, who is a staunch believer of some silly “signs” (coin flipping being one of them). Every day she comes to this park on the waterside and flips this coin to make herself believe that Victor would show up one day. This is the place where both of them use to come, flip a coin-heads we get married, tails we break up.

Yes she was in love! Or in Victor’s love. A guy who told her that “I love you truly, madly and deeply”- who told her that he would never leave her- and who, while leaving, told her that he would come back. Claire waited and waited and one day she got the news of Victor’s new girl friend. She cried and promised herself to not to wait for him anymore. But then she remembers what he told her that night………..

Clair: Happy Birthday Victor!

Victor: Thank you!

Clair: Don’t go……I want to be with you for the rest of my life no matter what it takes.

Victor: But I don’t! You were a wrong choice and I don’t want to regret for the rest of my life.

Clair: But you said you loved me (cries…cries and cries)

After whole long conversation Victor admitted that he had to do this because there are issues in the family and as soon as they get settled he would come back and would be the happiest person on this earth to marry her.

Victor: But don’t think of me, I might come back or I might not. Just go on with your life.

And since then Clair visit this place every evening, flips the coin –Heads we get married, tails we break up-, and still jump out of happiness if it turns out be “Heads”. It’s been 3 years now and she has never missed out even a single evening. What is this thing that keeps her motivated to go there and flip that coin? That coin which somehow rests to show up “heads”, or her stubbornness to not to let go off or may be her irrational belief that he would show up some day? Be it anything but in her heart she knows this very well that Victor would never return and has left her forever.

She visits that place every day because she’s aware that she can never fall in Love again, she can never Love anyone like she loved him, and she wants to keep him alive in her heart so that her heart never feels alone. Of course, she’ll get married one day-she has to, she’ll trust someone-she has to, she’ll say ‘I love you’-she has to, she’ll kiss someone-she has to…but she’ll never fall in love again.


This is the last time she’s doing this and if the coin falls in her favor she would go and find out victor and if it doesn’t…..she would take it as a sign. A sign that victor doesn’t love her anymore, he’s actually not going to come and he has started loving someone else.

And now when the coin is stuck in that tree, she very carefully climbs it up, pick up the coin (by making sure that it is still oriented the same way) and comes down……..she looks at the coin….sighs……..

Heads or Tails…..???……??……….No one knows!!

P.S: Sometimes it is important to let go of because it’s not a fairy tale and there’s no white horse.

P.P.S: Read this with this song in the back ground (it’ll give the feel I bet)..I suck at writing stories. 😦 

….With Love From Juliet!!!

letters to

The moment this word Juliet passes by our eyes and makes way into our ears, a hazy picture of ‘sad love’ appears in our minds. Now who is not aware of Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague from Shakespeare’s love saga? And who is still unacquainted with the Old Italian town Verona? None, absolutely!

And you might be wondering that why these thoughts are getting so romantic anyway? 😉 (Yeah I too have that romantic nerve within!!!) Alright, enough of beating around the bush and I am coming to the point. I saw this very beautiful movie the other day “Letters to Juliet” which featured the concept of lovers writing letters to Juliet and secretaries of Juliet replying them back. For obvious reasons my mind tagged the concept “too good to be real” until my Google God told me that the concept is by the way existent.

Yes it is! But as corny as it sounds, it made me believe that love is actually a universal language. In reality the story has its roots in the city, Verona, where Romeo and Juliet first met. In thirties, every time people visited this Italian landmark Casa di Giulitta (which is portrayed as Juliet’s house in the play) they left love notes at its wall. These notes were addressed to Juliet and Ettore Solimani, a custodian to Juliet’s tomb started the tradition to answer these letters. The tradition was then continued by a Veronese professor named Gino Beltramini. Presently, there is this club consisting of 15 people, who are designated as secretaries to Juliet. They send replies to letters addressed to Juliet, from all over the world.


And I know I am sounding like fools here because Romeo, Juliet and there story, none of them are real. Then where does this Juliet’s tomb (I forgot to mention earlier) and Juliet’s house come from? Well! Haha hahaha …you need to get the facts! 1291795370qinF6q

Shakespeare proved to be very lucky for city Verona. Just after his play was released, two lovers died in somewhat similar manner and people took that accident as a sign. They placed a real sarcophagus for lovers in the courtyard of Monastery and till date it is considered as Juliet’s tomb. People visit Verona every year; leave thousands of letters (related to their love life) to Juliet and these secretaries answer each one of them (and that too very seriously!) Now however stupid it may sound to all the rational people like us, the truth is that the place is a vent to the hidden feelings of many people. People who don’t have anyone else to listen to their part of the story..and people who went through a major heart break without uttering a word.


And there are two more amazing things that I learnt;

  1. These secretaries are doing an amazing job if they manage to answer every letter that comes to them.
  2. Every year, the huge number of visitors, add a lot of money to Verona’s tourism department.

P.S: You go anywhere, in the heart we all are the same, despite different countries and cultures. Knowingly or unknowingly we want to pour our hearts out to someone (by talking, crying or ….writing letters)

Enjoy this Taylor Swift song from Letters to Juliet and Stay tuned!!

Friends, dresses, gossips, pictures, food, fun and…oopsss a degree too- My Convocation!

graduation party


I graduated a year back but technically I graduated almost a week ago. I had this totally grand convocation party where all of us met, clicked pictures, had fun and above all had a good round of gossiping (but that doesn’t mean boys don’t gossip it’s just that we are valiant enough to accept 😉 ).

If you ask me, I went to the convocation to meet some good old friends and of course to dress to kill (like I always say I am narcissistic) ;). Because once we get out of this college life and cross the threshold between college and real life, things become different-very different actually. We suddenly grow old, wise, responsible and in the middle of everything we just lose that kid inside us.  And when at times this kid tries to pop out and say “damn I want to play” , responsibilities and work bang on its head and tell him to shut up! That’s how it gets with time and by the time we realize that something very important has been lost, we grow old. That’s how it must have been for our parents, grandparents and probably even the great-grand ones too. But I really don’t want to pursue the good old custom and so shouldn’t any of us. For ‘life’ is the most important part of our lives and it shouldn’t be spent just for the sake of it!

Going back to college actually made me realize that how important friends are. They bring that kid outside and manage to make us behave like ‘our true selves’. I was laughing after almost a year and truly it was a great comeback. So, this post goes to all my friends-old and new, and to all those people who have forgotten that there is life beyond  work assignments and utility bills.

Life is too short to miss any moment. Go, grab and hoard the moments forever!

P.S: I also received a graduate degree at my convocation (but is it important…..may be!) 😉 off course it is!

This is a song dedicated to all my friends- old and new-to all of you!

Ahaaannn.. ..Ahaaaannnn ”The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

      dancing emoticons 

This is my heart and mind celebrating together 🙂


There are moments in our lives when we feel over-over whelmed, so besieged that we just want to grab the moment, live it and then hoard it forever. This is a likewise moment for me, when one of my gossip girls (I call my blogger female friends as gossip girls ;)) musingsofur nominated me for “the very inspiring bloggers award”. Over-over whelming (though not a word) might sound like I am overreacting. Yeah! I might be but that’s how I express my happiness.

This post goes like a humble thanks-note for musingsofur. Thank you for nominating me and liking my writings. It means a lot, a lot and a lot to me. And I am very serious (seriously happy ;)). “People clapping for me and watching their appreciating faces” has always been a memorable moment for me and you added another moment in that list. Thank you again!

Alright! The rules tell me to write 7 interesting things about me. Well ok, I’ll try and give it a shot!

  1. I am a narcissistic (only about my blog!)
  2. I am a huge huge fan of Chetan Bhagat’s interactive writing style, Paolo Cohelo’s writing stuff to die for, Moshin Hamid’s style of creating best mind-pictures of the world, J.K Rowling’s amazing fantasies and Arundhati Roy’s putting expressions into words.
  3. I believe and follow that simplicity is the best style statement one can ever have.
  4. I love water. For this is the most attractive thing of nature. (Proof: you can complete even a long journey, without fidgeting, by looking at a blue, large and clean water body.) 😉
  5. I truly and very genuinely ask God (almost every day) to make me wise enough to be of help to the ones who are meagre and unfortunate.
  6. I don’t like mixed patterns of colours. I like them flaunting their beauty separately (may be that’s why I have all single coloured clothes).
  7. And most of all I love freedom. I want to fly, run, shout, laugh, cry and even fall (sky diving ;)) with my freedom. (and paragliding is my favourite adventure sport)

Soooo…. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls tighten your seat belts and hold your hearts because it’s time to nominate you guys for ‘The very inspiring bloggers award”. And here it comes:

  1. http://expressionistaura.wordpress.com/
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  11. http://malinkasstudio.wordpress.com/
  12. thirtysix24thirtysix
  13. legionwriter
  14. http://nkhadtare.wordpress.com/
  15. http://goodfood.wordpress.com

And if you are not amongst the rule-breakers….


  1. Display the logo of the award.
    2. Link to who nominated you.
    3. Say seven things about yourself.
    4. Nominate a whopping fifteen other bloggers!
    5. And in doing said nomination, link over to them. 

Stay blessed and stay tuned!!!



For Heaven’s sake…Let me talk to myself!

There is this common thing about  people “You go anywhere in the entire planet (even universe for that matter) people are just the same”. And if you try to be a bit different (just for the sake of peace) you are considered as insane right away. I suffer from this so called insanity quite often.

Okay, let me get this clear- I talk to myself!!! And that too very often! This can happen any time; in a market place, in my apartment, at office or anywhere. This habit takes its toll when I feel that people around are not interested in talking to me. The other day in my office while working on something important I started talking to myself.

And in the next moment I found my entire row looking at me and laughing badly. What next??? I smiled back with that evil grin and thought in my heart to stuff cotton balls in their mouths. I mean I was just talking to myself because I was the best person to discuss my work with me (and because it was none of their business). This happens with me quite often but I have never felt that bad about it. May be I am more frustrated and stuffed with work today. I generally don’t mind people laughing at me when they catch me talking to myself because it relieves my tensions and worries. (I solve half of my problems like that ;)) But what’s this funny thing about talking to our own selves?

It doesn’t all mean that you are becoming daft. In my case it has always made feel better because I compliment myself (when nobody else tell me that I look stunning), motivate myself (when I am surrounded with too many enemies) and set my goals by doing this. And at times (only when I am in good mood) I make people laugh too. !!! So all in all talking is good.. even better when you have nobody else to do that. We tend to speak more of truth like this.

Me: OMG! It’s raining and I will surely get wet today!

People: profiles_24_4425_297880_xlarge   profiles_24_4425_297880_xlarge(Me being unaware of the situation)

Me: I have always thought of dancing in the rain with my prince charming (and I start dancing)

People: laughing-smiley-e1319209189266[1] haaaaaaaaahaaaa haaaaahhhaaaaa haa  (And I am still unaware)

Me:  and I love splashing my feet into the water filled puddles.

images (1)(splasssssshhhhhhh!!!)

People: (humming like irritating bees) this girl is insane hahahahhaaaaa haaaaaahaaa and some decent ones (laughing softlythumb_smileyvault-cute-big-smiley-animated-060) hihi hihihihihi

Me: (after suddenly recovering to my senses) look around- realize that I am the clown of the day-decides to be normal-chin up-very proud-and leave the crowd like a super model!

People: haaahaaa haaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaahaaa images(some of them fell off out of laughter)thumb_smileyvault-cute-big-smiley-animated-059

I mean come ‘on was it that hilarious??? May be it was but I don’t care.

P.S:  Yes I am not in a good mood today.

But talking to your self is not at all bad. Stop by this track and figure out…….Stay tuned!!!

Delena is no more a word!!! (Damon + Elena=Delena=It’s over!)

Damon and Elena

Here when I switch on the internet and surf for my “not so favorite couple but still very famous” (My heart is more inclined towards Stefan) Damon and Elena-what I get to see is-“A three plus year relationship comes to an end and the break up was inevitable”.

Seriously??? Oh yeah very seriously!  They broke up. Now that these real and virtual worlds have created a real and virtual me, I am bound to have two opinions of this tragedy.

The real me: Nina and Ian look super cute together and for God sake they were together for 3 complete years (actually a big deal in Hollywood)

The virtual me: I so much wanted this to happen. I always loved Stefan the most (after all he loved Elena (only Elena for that matter) so much). They were my PERFECT COUPLE” always!!

The real me: Oh Yeah! Do you have any idea that it hurts more in real life than in the virtual world? They are not Elena and Damon, they are Nina and Ian.

The virtual me: Oh grow up please! Why are you getting that serious? And by the way they had an age difference of 10 years, which equals a decade for Christ sake. It had to happen.

The real me: You have lost all human values. Two hearts are parting and you are talking about Vampire Diaries. It’s sickening absolutely!

The virtual me: Blah blah blah………..!!!!!!!!!!!

In any case I am the winner :). But that’s how love is..Too complicated to discuss. Don’t worry I won’t dare and go into the deep details of love. For now I just know that despite the statement of “being best friends ever after” it’s going to be a tough job for both of them to romanticize in the show.

But let’s see what more “Vampire Diaries” have stored in for us.

Enjoy this beautiful song from vampire diaries and… Stay tuned!!!



Mothers’ Day: Damn I Forgot!!

mothers' day

Mothers day

I am so going to regret it this time!

I forgot Mothers’ Day…Oh Yes, Mothers’ Day!! And it is definitely not like “oh please! Get over with it”. The best part is yet to be disclosed; that it is consecutively the third time I have committed this “FELONY” and have been dodging all those thrashings by gifting her something nostalgic (and a kiss off course!). But this time I really have no idea how’ll I make up for this horrifyingly audacious task. Though I generally don’t believe in the idea of expressing love on one single day but when it comes to Mothers’ it can never be about “our likings”.

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Yaad Sheher: The Ethical India!


For all the radio enthusiasts, the title says it all.

I know with the intrusion of iPhones, iPods and all those gadgets (which by the way are too amazing to get off) radio has fallen by the wayside. There were days when it was the only companion of the old lonesome people. With its songs blaring all over, it perpetuated the saga of romance that lovers use to cherish blissfully. With its miraculous stories it connected families with an amazing form of love. But off late this evergreen gadget seems to have been forgotten by most of us.

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