A world where “God” is just another word!

Monsters and Gods lies within us….There are no monsters under your beds or behind that curtain …..there is no God in those pictures and statues unless he is  within you.
Everything is within you… if you believe he is right here and if you don’t….he is absolutely no one.!


The far I stretch the horizons of my memory, the more perplexed my thoughts turn out to be. My thoughts about our belief in God, about his existence and his magnitude! Either I am too young to figure out or I am too benighted to understand the history. But as far as I can go down the memory lane, I can only see the divided world having Hindu deities, Christian Gods, Islamic Allah’s, Jews Elohim and (to everyone’s surprise) there is a lot more.

Since ever people are more religious than spiritual, they say “we can die for our religion” but why can’t they live for themselves. The tradition of fighting over temples, mosques, churches is indeed a very old one. I live in a place which has a mosque, church, temple and a Sikh temple and I have many friends from different religions. Though I have never so far discriminated between any of us (on religious as well as other grounds) but some of my friends are in a habit of disrespecting other religions. And they have their own ways to demonstrate it! Some do that by standing out of the church (being a Hindu) when a Christian friend is inside and some by refusing the ‘prasad’ offered by a Hindu friend. It is definitely excruciating to see such things happen, to see people dividing souls on the religious grounds. On top of that when I try and explain them about the oneness of God they just shrug me off saying “stop this philosophy”.

And this is not only the youngsters thing but of those who brought us up with the clear understanding of all the different GODS. |-(

This does not end here, there is more to it. Did I mention that this word “God” has become a buzzword in business world? Oh no, I did not!  . But yes it is now known to grow businesses by leaps and bounds (smart enough to understand the sense here!!) and the amount of networking people create with this is remarkable. If we ask ourselves about the one responsible for such a mindset, the answer will surely be our customs, our religions and our folks. But why only customs and folks and why not our own selves?  How many times we’ve given it a thought, that God is not a person, statue, or a thing?

He is the nothing but the love which connects people, energy that lies within us, motivation that energize us to chase our dreams, peace that lies in our sleep, happiness that makes us contented, faith that keeps you going always and he is everything but nothing. He lies within you, deep down in your soul and has nothing to do with religion, temples and mosques.  He is the faith within you and is everywhere where faith exists. He is there if you believe and not if you don’t and is too big for just one religion.

But sadly, very sadly in fact, people today are too busy to figure out this simplest thought. For some good people he is a religion and for the rest, he is just a word.


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