Yaad Sheher: The Ethical India!


For all the radio enthusiasts, the title says it all.

I know with the intrusion of iPhones, iPods and all those gadgets (which by the way are too amazing to get off) radio has fallen by the wayside. There were days when it was the only companion of the old lonesome people. With its songs blaring all over, it perpetuated the saga of romance that lovers use to cherish blissfully. With its miraculous stories it connected families with an amazing form of love. But off late this evergreen gadget seems to have been forgotten by most of us.

From quite a while (past one year I guess) I have re-entered into the world of radio and my remigration has been worthwhile so far. Although, brothers are always irritating, and they exasperate us for the heck of it, but sometimes in our lifetime they do something or the other which leaves us spellbound. In my case, he made me enter “Yaad Sheher”. A city to which I tune every night at 9:00 P.M on Big FM. For those who are naïve to this, Yaad Sheher is an imaginary city created by the writer, journalist and radio storyteller of the show Neelesh Misra. He has his own imaginary characters in every story he frame. For me designating them as stories wouldn’t justify my love for them. They are not just stories but, are tales of our own lives, our emotions, our regrets, our passions and the nostalgia linked to all of this. And the way this man, Neelesh Misra, (I am a big fan of him by the way) adds life and expressions to words, is amazing. He makes the words sound angry, beautiful, sad, joyful, tired, innocent and alive.

The best part of all his stories is that they take us to the good old small town ethic, to the India which is left far behind and to the India which now appears outdated (but is actually beautiful). Did anyone ever wonder what has happened to the innocence, shyness and the simplicity of the small town India? He takes us to the retro India where, romance was looking at each other from the corner of the eyes, where carom board and chess were the best family games, where being together was a festival in itself, where dinner actually meant everyone sitting together and eating, and where prayers were incomplete without everyone praying together. There are times when, while listening to the stories, I find the other ‘me’ in there because as I said the stories portray none other than our own selves.  And some of them have touched me (and everybody else too, I am sure) to the extent of tears rolling down my cheeks. The other day I was listening to “Girti Hui Barishen” in my office and it made me cry like I was the one in that story. There was this story “kissa-e-facebook” which made me laugh like anything.

And likewise there are many such incidents linked to these stories that had made me laugh, giggle, blush (and then checking around if somebody caught me doing that) and, smile (because something likewise happened with me as well). These tales are one of the few best things that happen to me every day.

It is indeed a remarkable attempt to re-connect people to the world which is somewhere deep down within us but is forgotten long back, and the world that once belonged to us. Hereby I am leaving you a story from his “memory lane”……….

Stay happy and stay tuned!!


2 thoughts on “Yaad Sheher: The Ethical India!

  1. I don’t know who you are dear friend, and dear listener… But it is quite gratifying to see the way you connect with the show. “Girti huyi Baarishein” was a story I wrote in Purnea, a small town far away from the madding metros, and didn’t know whose story it was. It had the pang I didn’t know existed within me, and within the generation we belong. But the response that we got from the story was overwhelming. Like you, I am also a big fan of this show, which is why I would want that this show goes on for many many years to come. 🙂 And thank you for your kind and generous words for the show.

    • I am not sure who is a replying to this but I addressed this to Mr. Neelesh Misra. Wait a minute!! Is that you??
      If yes, then I want nothing more…seriously. You just made my day!! Thank you for stopping by and yes, this show has touched and will touch many hearts in the coming times. You are doing a wonderful job!

      Thank you again!

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