Mothers’ Day: Damn I Forgot!!

mothers' day

Mothers day

I am so going to regret it this time!

I forgot Mothers’ Day…Oh Yes, Mothers’ Day!! And it is definitely not like “oh please! Get over with it”. The best part is yet to be disclosed; that it is consecutively the third time I have committed this “FELONY” and have been dodging all those thrashings by gifting her something nostalgic (and a kiss off course!). But this time I really have no idea how’ll I make up for this horrifyingly audacious task. Though I generally don’t believe in the idea of expressing love on one single day but when it comes to Mothers’ it can never be about “our likings”.

There is one thing about girls (and women), that they are filled with emotions and when it comes to their kids, emotions bleed. This is something that comes to my rescue at my horrible mistake and I take full advantage of it (I know I am a bad girl). Mothers’ are indeed very special, especially to daughters and so they expect a little more from daughters. I know it very well that after completing my 3-year old ritual of apologizing and gifting her late, she would make faces but at last would hug me tight (with tear rolling down her cheeks) and cuddle me. And it has always been like this for me! Maybe because I don’t believe in abating the expression of love to one particular day, may be because I never wait for any occasion to buy a gift for her or to hug her and maybe I love her equally on all the other days of the year.

Excuse me if I am hurting anyone’s sentiments here but like I always say, I want everyday to be valentines’ day, mother’s day, father’s day, women day etc. For the reason that respect and love lay in hearts, not in days!

I am glad that my mother understands this fact very well and her getting furious on this has some other (secret) reason altogether. A reason which only a daughter can understand! She gets heated up every time I forget Mother’s day because she wants me to remember all the important days in life (whether it interests me or not). She wants me to be a perfect daughter, daughter-in-law and a perfect person in life. She wants me to be flawless and faultless all the time. That’s how mothers are..maybe that’s how they are supposed to be. I know she is never going to read this and I am never going to tell her this but without my saying anything she knows that I love her the most.

Mother-Daughter relationship is the most cherished connections of all time!!!!

P.S: I know I have started using too many parenthesis in my writings. My apologies if it is irritating!

P.PS: All this still doesn’t mean that I’ll not get a scolding this time. So feel free to suggest some gifts to make up for my “MISTAKE”…..oopsss no….my “SIN”. And meanwhile enjoy this track


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