Delena is no more a word!!! (Damon + Elena=Delena=It’s over!)

Damon and Elena

Here when I switch on the internet and surf for my “not so favorite couple but still very famous” (My heart is more inclined towards Stefan) Damon and Elena-what I get to see is-“A three plus year relationship comes to an end and the break up was inevitable”.

Seriously??? Oh yeah very seriously!  They broke up. Now that these real and virtual worlds have created a real and virtual me, I am bound to have two opinions of this tragedy.

The real me: Nina and Ian look super cute together and for God sake they were together for 3 complete years (actually a big deal in Hollywood)

The virtual me: I so much wanted this to happen. I always loved Stefan the most (after all he loved Elena (only Elena for that matter) so much). They were my PERFECT COUPLE” always!!

The real me: Oh Yeah! Do you have any idea that it hurts more in real life than in the virtual world? They are not Elena and Damon, they are Nina and Ian.

The virtual me: Oh grow up please! Why are you getting that serious? And by the way they had an age difference of 10 years, which equals a decade for Christ sake. It had to happen.

The real me: You have lost all human values. Two hearts are parting and you are talking about Vampire Diaries. It’s sickening absolutely!

The virtual me: Blah blah blah………..!!!!!!!!!!!

In any case I am the winner :). But that’s how love is..Too complicated to discuss. Don’t worry I won’t dare and go into the deep details of love. For now I just know that despite the statement of “being best friends ever after” it’s going to be a tough job for both of them to romanticize in the show.

But let’s see what more “Vampire Diaries” have stored in for us.

Enjoy this beautiful song from vampire diaries and… Stay tuned!!!




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