For Heaven’s sake…Let me talk to myself!

There is this common thing about  people “You go anywhere in the entire planet (even universe for that matter) people are just the same”. And if you try to be a bit different (just for the sake of peace) you are considered as insane right away. I suffer from this so called insanity quite often.

Okay, let me get this clear- I talk to myself!!! And that too very often! This can happen any time; in a market place, in my apartment, at office or anywhere. This habit takes its toll when I feel that people around are not interested in talking to me. The other day in my office while working on something important I started talking to myself.

And in the next moment I found my entire row looking at me and laughing badly. What next??? I smiled back with that evil grin and thought in my heart to stuff cotton balls in their mouths. I mean I was just talking to myself because I was the best person to discuss my work with me (and because it was none of their business). This happens with me quite often but I have never felt that bad about it. May be I am more frustrated and stuffed with work today. I generally don’t mind people laughing at me when they catch me talking to myself because it relieves my tensions and worries. (I solve half of my problems like that ;)) But what’s this funny thing about talking to our own selves?

It doesn’t all mean that you are becoming daft. In my case it has always made feel better because I compliment myself (when nobody else tell me that I look stunning), motivate myself (when I am surrounded with too many enemies) and set my goals by doing this. And at times (only when I am in good mood) I make people laugh too. !!! So all in all talking is good.. even better when you have nobody else to do that. We tend to speak more of truth like this.

Me: OMG! It’s raining and I will surely get wet today!

People: profiles_24_4425_297880_xlarge   profiles_24_4425_297880_xlarge(Me being unaware of the situation)

Me: I have always thought of dancing in the rain with my prince charming (and I start dancing)

People: laughing-smiley-e1319209189266[1] haaaaaaaaahaaaa haaaaahhhaaaaa haa  (And I am still unaware)

Me:  and I love splashing my feet into the water filled puddles.

images (1)(splasssssshhhhhhh!!!)

People: (humming like irritating bees) this girl is insane hahahahhaaaaa haaaaaahaaa and some decent ones (laughing softlythumb_smileyvault-cute-big-smiley-animated-060) hihi hihihihihi

Me: (after suddenly recovering to my senses) look around- realize that I am the clown of the day-decides to be normal-chin up-very proud-and leave the crowd like a super model!

People: haaahaaa haaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaahaaa images(some of them fell off out of laughter)thumb_smileyvault-cute-big-smiley-animated-059

I mean come ‘on was it that hilarious??? May be it was but I don’t care.

P.S:  Yes I am not in a good mood today.

But talking to your self is not at all bad. Stop by this track and figure out…….Stay tuned!!!


2 thoughts on “For Heaven’s sake…Let me talk to myself!

  1. one day i was going college in the college bus and i had my headphone on me. The song playing on it was Nusrat’s ‘ Ye jo halka halka suroor hai..’. Accha, whenever i listen to this one song, despite my best efforts, i forget rest of the world somewhere in the middle. I started humming and my fingers started dancing to the tune…and lo…i was the laughing stock of whole bus. i didnt know what was going on, i didnt need to know. And friends, kamine they are, non of them told me. So what did i do when i realised all this?
    I simply laughed…as loud as they laughed as loud as the whole bus laughed. laughs are good….and so are people.
    Nicely written piece, loved it.

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