Friends, dresses, gossips, pictures, food, fun and…oopsss a degree too- My Convocation!

graduation party


I graduated a year back but technically I graduated almost a week ago. I had this totally grand convocation party where all of us met, clicked pictures, had fun and above all had a good round of gossiping (but that doesn’t mean boys don’t gossip it’s just that we are valiant enough to accept 😉 ).

If you ask me, I went to the convocation to meet some good old friends and of course to dress to kill (like I always say I am narcissistic) ;). Because once we get out of this college life and cross the threshold between college and real life, things become different-very different actually. We suddenly grow old, wise, responsible and in the middle of everything we just lose that kid inside us.  And when at times this kid tries to pop out and say “damn I want to play” , responsibilities and work bang on its head and tell him to shut up! That’s how it gets with time and by the time we realize that something very important has been lost, we grow old. That’s how it must have been for our parents, grandparents and probably even the great-grand ones too. But I really don’t want to pursue the good old custom and so shouldn’t any of us. For ‘life’ is the most important part of our lives and it shouldn’t be spent just for the sake of it!

Going back to college actually made me realize that how important friends are. They bring that kid outside and manage to make us behave like ‘our true selves’. I was laughing after almost a year and truly it was a great comeback. So, this post goes to all my friends-old and new, and to all those people who have forgotten that there is life beyond  work assignments and utility bills.

Life is too short to miss any moment. Go, grab and hoard the moments forever!

P.S: I also received a graduate degree at my convocation (but is it important…..may be!) 😉 off course it is!

This is a song dedicated to all my friends- old and new-to all of you!


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