….With Love From Juliet!!!

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The moment this word Juliet passes by our eyes and makes way into our ears, a hazy picture of ‘sad love’ appears in our minds. Now who is not aware of Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague from Shakespeare’s love saga? And who is still unacquainted with the Old Italian town Verona? None, absolutely!

And you might be wondering that why these thoughts are getting so romantic anyway? 😉 (Yeah I too have that romantic nerve within!!!) Alright, enough of beating around the bush and I am coming to the point. I saw this very beautiful movie the other day “Letters to Juliet” which featured the concept of lovers writing letters to Juliet and secretaries of Juliet replying them back. For obvious reasons my mind tagged the concept “too good to be real” until my Google God told me that the concept is by the way existent.

Yes it is! But as corny as it sounds, it made me believe that love is actually a universal language. In reality the story has its roots in the city, Verona, where Romeo and Juliet first met. In thirties, every time people visited this Italian landmark Casa di Giulitta (which is portrayed as Juliet’s house in the play) they left love notes at its wall. These notes were addressed to Juliet and Ettore Solimani, a custodian to Juliet’s tomb started the tradition to answer these letters. The tradition was then continued by a Veronese professor named Gino Beltramini. Presently, there is this club consisting of 15 people, who are designated as secretaries to Juliet. They send replies to letters addressed to Juliet, from all over the world.


And I know I am sounding like fools here because Romeo, Juliet and there story, none of them are real. Then where does this Juliet’s tomb (I forgot to mention earlier) and Juliet’s house come from? Well! Haha hahaha …you need to get the facts! 1291795370qinF6q

Shakespeare proved to be very lucky for city Verona. Just after his play was released, two lovers died in somewhat similar manner and people took that accident as a sign. They placed a real sarcophagus for lovers in the courtyard of Monastery and till date it is considered as Juliet’s tomb. People visit Verona every year; leave thousands of letters (related to their love life) to Juliet and these secretaries answer each one of them (and that too very seriously!) Now however stupid it may sound to all the rational people like us, the truth is that the place is a vent to the hidden feelings of many people. People who don’t have anyone else to listen to their part of the story..and people who went through a major heart break without uttering a word.


And there are two more amazing things that I learnt;

  1. These secretaries are doing an amazing job if they manage to answer every letter that comes to them.
  2. Every year, the huge number of visitors, add a lot of money to Verona’s tourism department.

P.S: You go anywhere, in the heart we all are the same, despite different countries and cultures. Knowingly or unknowingly we want to pour our hearts out to someone (by talking, crying or ….writing letters)

Enjoy this Taylor Swift song from Letters to Juliet and Stay tuned!!


2 thoughts on “….With Love From Juliet!!!

  1. There are some places in the world which have such stories attached to them that when you visit them, you find those stories resonating around you… Verona, The Taj.
    Amazing how even stones can tell us tales.

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