Heads we get married, Tails we break up!


“And there goes the coin…up…up…down…down…down…and ohhh!! Where is it???? Damn..Stuck in that tree,” said Clair.

Clair is this beautiful British girl, who is a staunch believer of some silly “signs” (coin flipping being one of them). Every day she comes to this park on the waterside and flips this coin to make herself believe that Victor would show up one day. This is the place where both of them use to come, flip a coin-heads we get married, tails we break up.

Yes she was in love! Or in Victor’s love. A guy who told her that “I love you truly, madly and deeply”- who told her that he would never leave her- and who, while leaving, told her that he would come back. Claire waited and waited and one day she got the news of Victor’s new girl friend. She cried and promised herself to not to wait for him anymore. But then she remembers what he told her that night………..

Clair: Happy Birthday Victor!

Victor: Thank you!

Clair: Don’t go……I want to be with you for the rest of my life no matter what it takes.

Victor: But I don’t! You were a wrong choice and I don’t want to regret for the rest of my life.

Clair: But you said you loved me (cries…cries and cries)

After whole long conversation Victor admitted that he had to do this because there are issues in the family and as soon as they get settled he would come back and would be the happiest person on this earth to marry her.

Victor: But don’t think of me, I might come back or I might not. Just go on with your life.

And since then Clair visit this place every evening, flips the coin –Heads we get married, tails we break up-, and still jump out of happiness if it turns out be “Heads”. It’s been 3 years now and she has never missed out even a single evening. What is this thing that keeps her motivated to go there and flip that coin? That coin which somehow rests to show up “heads”, or her stubbornness to not to let go off or may be her irrational belief that he would show up some day? Be it anything but in her heart she knows this very well that Victor would never return and has left her forever.

She visits that place every day because she’s aware that she can never fall in Love again, she can never Love anyone like she loved him, and she wants to keep him alive in her heart so that her heart never feels alone. Of course, she’ll get married one day-she has to, she’ll trust someone-she has to, she’ll say ‘I love you’-she has to, she’ll kiss someone-she has to…but she’ll never fall in love again.


This is the last time she’s doing this and if the coin falls in her favor she would go and find out victor and if it doesn’t…..she would take it as a sign. A sign that victor doesn’t love her anymore, he’s actually not going to come and he has started loving someone else.

And now when the coin is stuck in that tree, she very carefully climbs it up, pick up the coin (by making sure that it is still oriented the same way) and comes down……..she looks at the coin….sighs……..

Heads or Tails…..???……??……….No one knows!!

P.S: Sometimes it is important to let go of because it’s not a fairy tale and there’s no white horse.

P.P.S: Read this with this song in the back ground (it’ll give the feel I bet)..I suck at writing stories. 😦 


14 thoughts on “Heads we get married, Tails we break up!

  1. It’s madness

    To hate all roses; because you got scratched by one thorn.
    To give up on all your dreams; because one didn’t come true.
    To lose faith in prayers; because one wasnt answered.

    To give up on your efforts; because one of them failed.
    To give up on your friends; because one of them betrayed.
    To not believe in love; because someone was unfaithful.

    Remember that, another chance may come up.
    A new friend, A new love, A new life.

    Never give up on anything…:))

  2. I disagree…the thing which is called love happens only once…it cannot be recreated or reinvented. A person comes in your life and steals a portion of your heart forever…you may like someone, live with someone and even adore someone, but you cant give that place in your heart to someone. It gets secured for that one person…forever.
    Love happens only one…and it just happens. It is never forced or planned or designed…it just happens…

  3. I understand. Yes it happens once in a life time and I very firmly believe that. But dear perceptions and the beliefs that we have differ with the experiences that we come across in our lifetime. Discussing love is always complicated so we should abide by this and should go with the flow. 🙂

  4. Hey thats not right it happens multiple times nd it never hurts…guess everyone face some type of breakups n all..Ya its not easy for some to come up with and move on…check d follwing posts…

    Here’s the truth of hurt.

    Well, almost the truth!

    Every time you think about something hurtful,

    that others said or did to you,

    only you are repeating the moment in your own mind which has already passed.

    Let’s say you think about it 99 times.

    The other person said or did only once.

    But you have done it over and over again in your head 99 times,

    so who is hurting whom here?

    You are hurting you.

    Release, Let Go And Be Free

    If you don’t let go of the scene, the event,

    the sounds and the images of other people,

    whom you mistakenly believe ‘did you wrong’,

    if you keep replaying the scene and re-creating your

    negative feelings,

    it means you are holding on to it all.

    Holding on also means you are carrying one huge inner

    Burdens make life heavy.

    Holding on means you are just stuck in an inner ‘action
    replay’ mode,

    and that only deepens your suffering,

    driving it deeper into your heart.

    Isn’t that foolish?

    Can you give it up and get on with your life?

    Hope u do!!

    The Distinction Between Love And Attachment

    Attachment is a mental state.
    It is a relationship we have with someone in our own minds.
    When we become attached to someone we use them (their image) to fill our mind. We find our thoughts are constantly filled with the image and the memories of their behaviour. It is not that we should never think about others, it is more about thinking about others only when it is necessary, and as we do to make sure we don’t lose our self in their image.

    This will eventually free us of dependency.

    Symptoms of attachment, and therefore the change of the energy of our love into fear, can be found when there is any personal desire or expectation of the other person.

    We(souls) forget we are already a source of (Love) what we have been taught to need and seek.

    Love never desires and it has no expectations. It doesn’t need to! As soon as you have any desire from others, or expectations of others, and your happiness becomes dependent on the desire or expectation being met, you are already giving birth to fear and anger, otherwise known as negative emotions, otherwise known as stress, otherwise known as suffering.
    Love never hurts.


  5. Love is something too intricate to discuss. Every time you do that, it becomes more vicious. Everyone has their own definitions . own perceptions and own experiences. And according to their lives their perceptions are correct. Its like, no one is wrong when it comes to love!


  6. Well written.. read all your posts, you are damn good at what you do!
    Go girl…. life is waiting….!!
    I am sure you have great friends, family, and the one you love now… just go and live… cauz there may or may not be a second love… a second Victor again…ever… but for sure there won’t be this life!! 🙂

  7. Well Thanks on the first place for all the kind words 🙂
    I am glad you liked my posts..you need a big heart to give such a compliment!
    Secondly..the story above is a pure fiction. 🙂 But thanks for the valuable suggestion.

    May I please know from where did you come across all my posts?..leaving comments on some “exclusive ” 😉 write-ups.

    But thank you very much for stopping by. Do stop by again! 🙂

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