Some things never really change……

Some Things Never Change

Some things never change. and the other some.. you never let them change. No matter how much you regret to allow such things happen in your life. Each day you forgive, forget and live and the same night you sleep hoping to decorate your dreams with the same old things.

Again you get up next day and promise yourself to trust and let go..just let things go, but same evening you come back home with all those things rolling in your mind over and over.
The next day you try and be over smart and remind yourself that you have things that are much more important. You walk in peace for next few days and one day again something “same” hits you really hard.
And you tell yourself that “some things never really change”……….
Yes they don’t… and you cant do anything about them because they are engraved somewhere deep down within you and you end up accepting this.
Running away from things make you weak and weak as the time passes by. Embrace and accept, one day they’ll go by themselves.

India wants to fall in love again….

So what’s this one thing that connects the entire India? Politics? Hokay! I repeat my question. So, what’s this one thing that connects the entire India positively? Bollywood!! There you go. Bollywood is the India’s true reflection because the masses can identify with the characters within. The everlasting love, gloominess, challenging conflicts, small town ethics, big city intellects and big dreams—it all connects the common people.

We cry when Pushpa (Amar Prem) cry, we dance when Salman Khan dances, we struggle when Amir Khan struggle, and we fall in love when Sharukh Khan falls in love. This is because Bollywood reflects a common man’s desired version of life. Even I feel like living a movie once 😉 at least.

Falling in love is the most beautiful of all the above mentioned feelings. There was this ‘Rajesh Khanna era’ when he made India fall in love over and again. He taught boys those tricks and gimmicks using which they made girls’ skip a beat. Admit it or not, no matter how unrealistic Bollywood may sound, it has something that move people from within, it has inspired people to go beyond the edges. Think of rang de basanti and a pool of passionate youngsters to change the world are seen around the corner, think of Chak de India and Hockey seems to get back its deserved credit of being a national game, think of three idiots and people suddenly get the courage to follow their dreams. Coming back to falling in love; after Rahesh Khanna it was Sharukh khan who pulled the love era forward and India.. fell in love again. Love of its own kind— selfless, true, everlasting, embossed with violins in the background. Yes, all this sound filmy but so what that’s how films are supposed to be—Filmy!

They entertain us, make us identify with them and connect us to rest of the India. But with the passage of time as these lover boys are getting old and fail to justify that image, movies are losing their grip over common people. But we don’t want Bollywood to lose its charm and surely…..

India wants to fall in love again!

P.S (for the showbiz): Make good movies people, we are fed up of irritating comedy flicks. 

Enjoy this good old track and stay tuned!

Unsurpassed Possessions…… !!!!

The best things in life are free…like, gazing at the waters that rolls and rolls endlessly but so still and effortless at the bottoms…, that million dollar smile embossed with sparkling eyes… like, that breeze which passes by and refills you again…like, that beautiful dance in the misty rain….like that walk worth remembering.


The thrill lies within you, The hope lies within you…. Just wake up and make the most of what you have! 


A star in making: Dreamy Eyes and Dusty shoes!


A thousand, a lakh, or even more than that! Ok, wait, people say that talking statistically sounds more intelligent and clear, so even I’ll give it a try.  So figures say that India has 241 million young people and out of them 1/3rd heads to the city of dreams every year. And only 5% of them vividly see their dream reaching their set standards. What happens to the rest 95%? Well, cases like “Jiah Khan’s catastrophe” say it all!

I am referring to her particularly because probably she was eminent and a star in making, but many such lives (or deaths rather) go unseen who opt suicide over struggle. “Suicide over struggle” might sound harsh, for I can never know what these aspiring actors go through. And this recent case has no new angle to it, if you’ve heard of Parveen Babi, Viveka Babajee, Silk Smitha , Nafisa Joseph and many more. But what were the reasons that these beautiful souls found deaths easier than living? Well, there is a whole long procedure to it, where a youngster enters Mumbai with dreamy eyes and dusty shoes– moves violently to craft his career—suffer denunciation—try again—again a rebuff–hop into a sea of compromises and ugly situations—-crave for any bloody role—-get frustrated—-can’t go back home—and finally die.

And there are a few (momentarily) lucky ones who manages to escape the whole process—get a great break like jiah in Nishabd—feel the early success—make rich boyfriends/girlfriends—enjoy life—andwhen rejections follow—start screwing their lives—and then die. Industry is not an easy game unless people know the rules to crack the system actually. It is a vicious circle where some lucky ones make it large, less lucky ones plunk somewhere in between and the rest sink and go unnoticed. It is a voracious animal that haul out life bit by bit. No one clearly knows why Jiah Khan committed suicide. But either this new lad Suraj Pancholi was the reason or it was depression, the core reason is not secreted from anyone.

From what I have observed so far, this ravenous hungry “Industry Animal” is more likely to attack girls. May be they are an easy catch or may be they choose to be an easy catch. But when all hopes just die out and a ceiling fan seems the only option left, they chose the latter.

It’s tear-jerking to see youngsters end their lives like this but honestly …..only lucky ones can survive Showbizz!

P.S: We hope Jiah Khan rest in Peace wherever she may be right now!


That Old Thing…: The kido me!

That one time of our lives to which all of us would want to be dragged to… that one phase of our lives which still compels us to stop by and relive……that one chapter of our lives we won’t mind revising over and over…….OUR CHILDHOOD!

The times when we were happier, we were more fun, truthful, contented, peaceful, and above all we were ourselves. The other day I saw this little girl carelessly sitting on her bags at the local bus stand, playing tipi-tipi-tap (if you guys remember) and waiting for her mother to come. What was I doing? Oh of course- running like power-puff girls to spot my ticket counter, trying to make my way through the huge throng of passengers to buy a ticket (why am I so tiny…and dam it why don’t people in India stand in queues? ) and in midst of all this, was making an effort to breathe. I so much wanted to be at her place but…I just couldn’t.

The best part of that phase was the common silly things we all used to do and which were by the way very serious then ;). And now I wonder how all the kids from the entire planet can do the same silly things in spite of being in different parts of world.

  • This was my only inspiration to take bath..


  • Used them to slide all the tile floors.


  • Tried some weird thing like this with my cup.


  • Tried to take over the world-like ninjas


  • Acted like my favorite and tortured my mirror.


  • Slid down the stairs on my tummy.


  • Played foxes and hounds until I got called in after dark.

Whoever said it, said it so right “Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies”

P.S: Childhood is a short season…….very short season!