That Old Thing…: The kido me!

That one time of our lives to which all of us would want to be dragged to… that one phase of our lives which still compels us to stop by and relive……that one chapter of our lives we won’t mind revising over and over…….OUR CHILDHOOD!

The times when we were happier, we were more fun, truthful, contented, peaceful, and above all we were ourselves. The other day I saw this little girl carelessly sitting on her bags at the local bus stand, playing tipi-tipi-tap (if you guys remember) and waiting for her mother to come. What was I doing? Oh of course- running like power-puff girls to spot my ticket counter, trying to make my way through the huge throng of passengers to buy a ticket (why am I so tiny…and dam it why don’t people in India stand in queues? ) and in midst of all this, was making an effort to breathe. I so much wanted to be at her place but…I just couldn’t.

The best part of that phase was the common silly things we all used to do and which were by the way very serious then ;). And now I wonder how all the kids from the entire planet can do the same silly things in spite of being in different parts of world.

  • This was my only inspiration to take bath..


  • Used them to slide all the tile floors.


  • Tried some weird thing like this with my cup.


  • Tried to take over the world-like ninjas


  • Acted like my favorite and tortured my mirror.


  • Slid down the stairs on my tummy.


  • Played foxes and hounds until I got called in after dark.

Whoever said it, said it so right “Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies”

P.S: Childhood is a short season…….very short season!


4 thoughts on “That Old Thing…: The kido me!

  1. I loved this when I read it before. I think I must have read it from my phone. It is hard for me to respond via that keyboard so I wait till I get home to my laptop and sometimes I lose the places I wanted to go back and re-visit. Like this post! It is excellent! I sooo relate. I loved it! You are an awesome writer.!!!

  2. Thank you for all your generous words. Every word means a lot and a lot to me. 🙂
    Childhood is the only connection that all of us have. The way we did the same little things in our own little ways…and the way we believed our stupid idiosyncrasies was just out of the world.

    Thank you for your kind words!

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