A star in making: Dreamy Eyes and Dusty shoes!


A thousand, a lakh, or even more than that! Ok, wait, people say that talking statistically sounds more intelligent and clear, so even I’ll give it a try.  So figures say that India has 241 million young people and out of them 1/3rd heads to the city of dreams every year. And only 5% of them vividly see their dream reaching their set standards. What happens to the rest 95%? Well, cases like “Jiah Khan’s catastrophe” say it all!

I am referring to her particularly because probably she was eminent and a star in making, but many such lives (or deaths rather) go unseen who opt suicide over struggle. “Suicide over struggle” might sound harsh, for I can never know what these aspiring actors go through. And this recent case has no new angle to it, if you’ve heard of Parveen Babi, Viveka Babajee, Silk Smitha , Nafisa Joseph and many more. But what were the reasons that these beautiful souls found deaths easier than living? Well, there is a whole long procedure to it, where a youngster enters Mumbai with dreamy eyes and dusty shoes– moves violently to craft his career—suffer denunciation—try again—again a rebuff–hop into a sea of compromises and ugly situations—-crave for any bloody role—-get frustrated—-can’t go back home—and finally die.

And there are a few (momentarily) lucky ones who manages to escape the whole process—get a great break like jiah in Nishabd—feel the early success—make rich boyfriends/girlfriends—enjoy life—andwhen rejections follow—start screwing their lives—and then die. Industry is not an easy game unless people know the rules to crack the system actually. It is a vicious circle where some lucky ones make it large, less lucky ones plunk somewhere in between and the rest sink and go unnoticed. It is a voracious animal that haul out life bit by bit. No one clearly knows why Jiah Khan committed suicide. But either this new lad Suraj Pancholi was the reason or it was depression, the core reason is not secreted from anyone.

From what I have observed so far, this ravenous hungry “Industry Animal” is more likely to attack girls. May be they are an easy catch or may be they choose to be an easy catch. But when all hopes just die out and a ceiling fan seems the only option left, they chose the latter.

It’s tear-jerking to see youngsters end their lives like this but honestly …..only lucky ones can survive Showbizz!

P.S: We hope Jiah Khan rest in Peace wherever she may be right now!



4 thoughts on “A star in making: Dreamy Eyes and Dusty shoes!

  1. This girl was weak…she broke.
    If you want to know about a fighter, read abot Kangna Ranout. I still remember the episode of coffee with karan…she was looking like a doll and crying like a baby in arms of Hritik who also was unable to control his tears…

  2. I have not seen that episode but yes I know she is a brave girl. For she fought it well! Talking about Jiah Khan, we are nobody to comment that she was weak or strong, because we can never know her sufferings, the atrocities she might have gone through. We don’t know about her life at all. It was industry, it was love or it was depression–we can just assume. Suicide is a big deal and you got to have a big reason behind it.

    But that one thing about which we are sure as hell is —-Industry is not an easy game and even if you crack the system, compromises still follow. It’s just a big vicious trap.

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