Some things never really change……

Some Things Never Change

Some things never change. and the other some.. you never let them change. No matter how much you regret to allow such things happen in your life. Each day you forgive, forget and live and the same night you sleep hoping to decorate your dreams with the same old things.

Again you get up next day and promise yourself to trust and let go..just let things go, but same evening you come back home with all those things rolling in your mind over and over.
The next day you try and be over smart and remind yourself that you have things that are much more important. You walk in peace for next few days and one day again something “same” hits you really hard.
And you tell yourself that “some things never really change”……….
Yes they don’t… and you cant do anything about them because they are engraved somewhere deep down within you and you end up accepting this.
Running away from things make you weak and weak as the time passes by. Embrace and accept, one day they’ll go by themselves.


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