WordPress –An escape Into Life!

It’s been a while I know, but I did all my ‘Wordpress’ homework. Read all the amazing posts—smiled at a few—stole some beautifully crafted sentences—and brushed up my vocab. You guys are amazing writers!! 🙂

live life fully

Life is so overtaxed with work, issues, hitches, dos, donts—and has just taken a lifeless form. But amid everything, WordPress is the only place I have to look forward to (hope I could hug you tight WordPress). No matter how out-of –mind I am but reading you guys here, makes me feel alive. It’s my escape into life. Yes it is! Because what we live every day is not life, it’s a schedule, a routine. But WordPress is my desired version of life. A place where I could just live peacefully—where I could see how some exceptionally artistic people connect life with words—Where I could put my words the way I want them to—where I could live my life on the edge of everything—where there is no need to fight an already lost battle to stop the running time.

I hate going to “The retro city” (my office). It gives me the feel of “living a retro era”—where people are boring, archaic, lack fun and god dam it too aged for me to work with.

Alright, I know I have broken all my promises (to myself) of working on ‘Friday Fantasies’ but still I am hopeful to resurrect again. I hope my “open attack of work” doesn’t break any more bones of my wishes and anticipations.


P.S: Thank You WordPress and all the beautiful people who make my ‘reader’ section incredible!





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