Indifference:More hurtful than outright dislike!

It’s not about  time, it’s all about the priorities—you must stay in touch—it’s a secret to  good life—blah blah blah…all those silly things, which are by the way true. A buddy from college called me up.. some one week back. We talked for 2 minutes and then I had to keep down the phone. She called again but I didn’t pick. And hence again..but I didn’t pick —because I was busy all the times. And to everyone’s dismay it was a Sunday.

Friends for life

Friends forever

In the end she dropped a text on my cell phone and I swear it felt like the words were about  to slap me really hard. Anyways the text said:

“I am not going to call you ever again. It’s more than two months that we’ve not talked. At the first place you never call and whenever I call, you never pick. Whenever I text, you never bother to reply back. What the hell are you busy with?


Oh don’t even try and give me this crap. Who is not busy? Everyone is! I was super busy when I was working away from home but still I managed to give you a call. I am done with this friendship now. It is just a burden for you. Goodbye!”

Heavy?? I know it is.

But that’s how life has turned. Super busy and wrapped in a routine, which allows no one to enter except the food, papa’s call, work, Friday fantasies and a little sleep. However, I fought a lot to dodge my mistake, but deep down in my heart I realized… That no matter how busy you are, relationships are important.

“I had the best intentions, but I was busy” –The excuse will not work when one day you’ll have nobody to look forward to. No friends, no family—nothing! When you’ll have a lot of balance in your cell phone, but no one to call! When you’ll have  bank balance, but no one to hang out with!  Technology has made everything so damn easy. We can stay in touch with people at almost every corner of the world. But we don’t’…oohh sorry I don’t. Why?

I am still trying to figure out. And in the meanwhile I am making a list of people I should stay in touch with. But whether I find out the answer or not, I know now that yes..Staying in touch is important. Being nice to the people on your way up, is important. Because the same are going to meet you on your way down!

Call, text, chat, or do whatever—but try and stay in touch at least with the close ones! It’s not about the long phone chats or calls. Dropping a morning and an evening message everyday would do a lot. A 5 minute call would make them think that you remember them—and trust me, that’s enough.

For my power-puff girl (that’s what I call my female friends who are not bloggers): If you’re reading this anyhow, thanks for being a wonderful friend to me. You’ll always be special!

P.S: People are more important than your car’s leather seats that never hug, laptops that never speak and money that can never buy love.

Leaving you a song from my track list. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Indifference:More hurtful than outright dislike!

  1. Super Duper bumper likeeeeeeeeeeeeee…:)) It’s oll bout meeting of d minds n having great understanding dat no one get hurt…:))

  2. I know that I have come in through the back door and that this post is from almost a year ago but I love the way you write and read every word.
    Did you ever talk to that friend again? You know they just wanted to get your attention. If they really didn’t want you in their life they wouldn’t have had such a text tantrum. Lol.. personally, I value the kind of friendships where even if you haven’t talked in months, when you do, it is as if you can pick up right where you left off. Those high maintenance friendships that carry guilt trips aren’t for me. But it was good and mature of you to see it as a wake up call and a way to improve. 😉

    • Hey!!
      Thank you for all the nice words.Of course I talk to her now, we are are college buddies..which makes us inseparable ;). However, I am likewise when it comes to friendships. When talking takes a back seat and understanding takes the front. When you don’t need to explain what keeps us busy, when one gesture can say everything. But this is world and it doesn’t works like we want it to.

      Anyways I am glad to have found someone likewise!! Cheers and love!!

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