Heads we get married, Tails we break up—2

If you have missed the first part of Clair’s story, you can read it here http://bit.ly/16h6aN7

A little hunch it was…a thrill in the heart that sent shivers down the spine. She knew very well that it’s him but still she never wanted to turn around and look. For how can she forget those walking steps she use to recognize from far off, his body fragrance when he embraced his arms around her, that breath she felt against her cheek….when his delicate scent use to waft through the foyers.


It’s been years and Clair has now grown up to a beautiful old lady. A girl who once was exceptionally beautiful, graceful and enticing! And time has transformed her into exquisite beauty. It’s been years and a hazy picture of her first meet with Victor still appears in her thoughts…when their eyes first locked. She longed all her life to see Victor once, to meet him and hug him tight, to cry her heart out in his arms, to see him once…just once.

They say, the more you long for something (or someone) the more it runs away, and the moment you leave chasing, it comes right back.

It was this rainy afternoon when Clair was bidding goodbye to her spouse while he was leaving for his tour. She was brushing her granddaughter’s hair and the phone rang.

Clair: Go pickup the call Amelie.

Amelie: Ohh1 Granny why do we have this landline till now? I hate that annoying noise.

Clair: Amelie!!! Go right away.

Amelie: (Picks up the phone) Granny there is some Victor on the other side. Asking for you!

Her world stopped, the moment she heard this name. She felt like a young lover who just received a call from her crush. She went into the flash back—-when they were both young. Suddenly she realized that she is an old lady who is not supposed to behave that ways. She resurrected herself somehow..

Clair: You go and take care of Gracie. I’ll take the call.

Clair: Hello! Victor…………….

Victor: Ahhhh!! Nobody calls my name the way you do it. It’s still the same sweet tone. How are you?

Clair: (long breaths and heart beat running with the speed of light) I am fine.

She had nothing to say. Nothing at all!

Victor: Can you meet me at the park on the waterside? Anytime tomorrow?

How easy it was for him…to call, to ask for a meeting and that too at the same park!

Clair: I am not the beautiful girl you met 50 years ago, I have grown old..very old. Why do you want to meet me?

Victor: Just come. Please

Clair: umhmm. Okay!

She kept down the phone. She tried to circumvent that old feeling of love, but couldn’t. She was happy, surprised, perplexed and bewildered. No matter how far away he was but he still managed to turn her world upside down. Somehow he had that privilege of turning her world into a topsy-turvy land. Clair went to her room and slept with some thoughts in mind. Would it be an offense to Lucas (the spouse)? What will my family members say? Should I go and meet him or just forget everything and sleep?


The morning came up with the thoughts of “the mornings she spent thinking of him long back”. Her expressions exhibited her intentions very well. She took out her favorite dress, bathed, got ready and took something in her fist. The moment she stepped out of her room, she ran and came back to the mirror……to make sure if she is looking pretty. And suddenly the old silly Clair was back…

The same old tree, the waterside, the bench..everything was just so same.

And now when she has already heard Victor’s steps coming from behind, her heart is filled with thrill, a weird feeling of fear. She doesn’t want to turn around and face him. Because she has had enough of his indifference and it took her almost 30 years to get out of it. But now she’ll not even live that longer and she doesn’t want to die with regrets related to him.

Victor: (puts his hands on her shoulders from behind) Hi Clair!!!

Clair: (removed his hand…stepped forward….dropped a tear……opened her fist and gave him that coin).…… The coin which said “Heads we get married, tails we break up.”

She drops that coin oriented as HEADS……and leaves.

He left her years ago without saying anything, without explaining anything and now it was her turn to leave…without saying anything, without explaining anything!

Yes she loved him like anything; yes she wanted him in all her next lives; yes she wanted to hug him tight. But she couldn’t, because she had a spouse to be answerable to, she had a family to look back and moreover he left her when she needed him. She can’t go back……………She’ll love him till the day she dies and even after that, but she can’t go back…..

P.S:  Love is a crazy thing.


11 thoughts on “Heads we get married, Tails we break up—2

  1. No body calls my name the way you do it…

    Its exactly, I repeat, exactly, what I said to some one 6 years ago…my God. This post has steered my memories just as sweetly as only one other thing in this world can do…a chunk of Dairymilk chockolate… 😥
    God bless u girl..

  2. Wow. You have a very old soul to have written this. I could have written the last paragraph. If you ever wander through my blog… and the chapters I have posted… you might find a similar story. This one brought tears to my eyes! Keep writing my friend. You are good. Loved the photo!

  3. Yes, I have, many times read the stories on your blog. I have even reblogged one of them, they are all worth it. I don’t know you are over-estimating my capabilities or you actually ended up with wet eyes. But Thank you very very much for stopping by and giving this thoughtful comment.

    It was inspiring (like I always say, you are very inspiring) 🙂

  4. Should Love be crazy? Certainly not. Pure Love can never be crazy.
    Pure Love is the highest form of Love. Love is a state of mind within one self.
    Clair’s thoughts confirms as such,
    This enlightens the coming generation that Love must not be from either side but from both parties ..

  5. J T Weaver sir I am overwhelmed by the kind of appreciation you have given my story. Thank you thank you and thank you so so much. You can never ever know how much that means to me. Re blogging is the greatest of all the ‘likes’ and’follows’ a writer can ever get.

    Thanks for giving a platform to my story.

    Thank you so much. 🙂
    Hugs and cheers!!!

  6. Excellent article dear.
    With experience and age, comes the strength in an individual to let the brain win in its battle with the heart. Though the pain of hurting someone u loved insanely would always be there, but at times it’s imperative to let sanity prevail.

    • Yes Indeed, you are right! When we learn looking at things from a distance, we automatically get that perspective to let things go. It’s everyone’s story–loving, caring, getting hurt and finally getting out. Only lucky ones can escape the whole procedure. 😉

      Anyways, thank you very much for stopping by and reading the story. It really means a lot to me.


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