A little bit of Me-Time

We live  crazy and busy lives to chase our work targets and still at the end, we end up less healthy and lees happy. Without any doubts the same happens with me, most of the times. But yesterday was awesome. No! I made the day awesome by letting the things flow and by not thinking too much on them.


It rained for me yesterday, the wind bowled for me, the solitude was just amazing. I felt like a queen in making! 🙂  And I felt all this by doing nothing–Nothing absolutely! I went home from the retro city, took bath, got into my shorts and went out in the park. The weather was calm, cool and there was no one around (the best part).

There is this thing in me..whenever I am happy I feel like a kid, behave like a kid, become a kid–I don’t know it just happens spontaneously. I felt the same yesterday.

I just went on to the swing and listened to some soft Indian songs and there was no one to interrupt. The last evening was the best time had in a long time. So, all in all, it was fun and relaxing!

Leaving a song from my track list stay tuned!

P.S: The thrill lies within you..just make the most of it!


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