A Good Read In Making- Faraaz Kazi!


It’s not tricky to count the number of books that get published every year. Or is it? The statistical ballpark figure comes out to be one lakh in India and two million in the world. Out of this huge pool of authors some go horribly wrong and some wonderfully right! Some make it large, some plunk somewhere in between and the rest sink and go unnoticed. Of course, everyone can’t transform overnight into Arudhati Roy or Amitav Ghosh, but is ‘bad writing’ the explanation actually? Well, may be to some extent but these days there is much more to writing than just ‘writing’. And there are many artists who get victimized to this. Speaking of which, reminds us about this less known upcoming dude-Faraaz Kazi– an author in making.

He came to life (as in writer’s life) with his debut book “Truly, Madly, Deeply – Memories of broken heart’s first love”. The book went through a roller coaster ride in getting reviews from the spectators. It was a good, easy read for some and just a pretentious love story that was short of thoughts, for some. But that happens. Right?  Every book goes through this but that shouldn’t stereotype a writer as a bad one. Alright! Coming back to Faraaz Kazi, he is a 27 year old writer who aspires to be a very successful author one day. The guy could be easily mistaken as any other youngster visiting mall, but that’s done once you get into the details. Faraaz Kazi, having a studious background, did his graduation in management and is a triple post graduate with a Masters in psychology and another one in Human Resources. He also perused his diploma in creative writing from Xavier Institute of Communications.

On completion of his creative writing diploma he started working on his debut novel. It got published in 2010 by Cedar Books imprint of Pustak Mahal and was re-released by Mahaveer Publishers in 2012. According to him” There is a book in everyone and so was it inside me, lying dormant somewhere deep down and it came out after I completed my diploma from Xavier.” With his three post graduation degrees and soft skill trainer certification, Faraaz leaves every other young author of his age behind. But still lacks his share of fame in this magnanimous world. There could be many reasons following, less knowledge about the marketing and publishing industry, lack of a professional guidance, or may be lack of research. We cannot doubt Faraaz on his hard working skills, for he has a good studious background to back that up. But sometimes it’s not the author who is at mistake; it is us the spectators, the targeted audience, who typecast a writer by measuring his success in book sales.

Yes! That’s so true because a book might be written for a targeted audience only and not for the rest of the people. For instance, Truly, Madly, Deeply.. Was a teenager book because of which it was like fish out water in the ‘grown-up’ hands. May be it wasn’t able to struck the right chord but it was a nice read. And nice easy read is something that makes a book ‘talk of the town’.

What goes wrong on author’s part is dodging the blame and maybe that’s what went wide of the mark in his case as well. He was praised by teenagers, and he cherished it. He was reprehended by the others and he brushed it off. And this is where he lacked in taking a critical look at the results. But still he targeted it for a separate genre of people and he managed to strike that romantic chord in every young heart that lost in love. The case is not like his efforts were disregarded completely. Yes, he was noticed by a couple of people like his fellow authors, competitors, and a few people as well. (He managed to draw a couple of teen fans as well). But when you write or involve in any art for that matter, the appreciation has to be from the common people at first place. For they are the ones who transform a normal man into a king!

Anyways the guy came into this writers’ world three years past and out of all the praises and critics, has paved his way quite well. Though he was not much esteemed in his early days but now he is on his way to gain his share of fame. Of late he was the winner of National Debut Youth Fiction Award 2013 and is the first debut author to prevail the title of ‘Best Debut Romance’ at international Goodreads choice awards. With his uphill struggle he has managed to add his name in the literary fraternity and is a well-known face in social media.

He is working on his second and third books and this time with a drop dead strategy to dodge all the past slip-ups. He has not yet revealed the themes of his upcoming novels but this time he’ll surely manage to influence the masses and not just a handful of people. It’s not like old people don’t read love stories, of course they do, all they search for, is mature love. May be he went wrong there! But for us cataloging any writer as a bad or a good one from just a single book, would not be justified. It questions our potential to judge. There is no doubt in the fact that he writes well, as beginning of his earlier novel (a good prologue that sets a perfect mood) makes it apparent. With his style of writing and all the achievements so far, he has compelled us to believe that no matter what, he is a good read in making.

He is one amongst the many who can add life and expressions to words, who can make readers dream and whose writings can be a great delight to readers. We hope to see this ‘upcoming dude’ on the writers’ hit list very soon.


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