She Finally Found Her Reader!

It’s been ages since I have read any book. I know I have bragged enough about my being busier than anyone else in this world.

She finally got her reader

My poor timings, poor time management, habit of procrastinating or whatever it may be! The thing is, I brought this book two months back and have just read a few first pages of it. Every morning I wake up, pray and dodge looking at this beautiful book. However, today I couldn’t manage to dodge, and ended up looking at her lying restlessly on my desk.

It happens every day. She looks at me with optimism, and hopes to grab all my attention. At night before my going to bed, she first lures me with the attractive title and bright cover, and when I still don’t give a damn, she pleads like anything. But today it was all different. I woke up and instantly my eyes struck hers and to my dismay today she had that attitude. That bold ‘oh get lost’ look which clearly said “If you don’t care, I don’t give a damn too, go wherever you want to but don’t dare to touch me”. And I was like —

Me: Oh girl.. hold on, are you the same sweet book?

She: Yeah! It is me. You got a problem with that?

Me: Wo Wo! Easy girl. I understand you’re angry, but that doesn’t mean you’ll give me this attitude and get along.

She: Don’t. Don’t even try and go there. You know what you’ve been doing since past two months. So you take it easy!

Me: Okay! Okay! I admit my mistake.

And I started walking towards her just to pick her up and go through a few more pages. But as I went close, she shouted out loud

She: NO…NO Don’t touch! Get awaaayyy.

I touched her with my finger on her trunk, pretending to tickle her. A one, A two, and Three…. And SHE SMILED! Yaaayyyyyyyyyy

It had been quite a long time and she genuinely needed a good amount of attention. I thought of giving her the same. In the meanwhile I noticed one thing more. We have this TED in our room and many times I have seen him looking at my beautiful book from the corner of his eyes. To my surprise, today I saw the sneak-peak from this end as well.

So to add fire to this cute love story, I played the cupid.

He found her and she finally got her READER. Is she blushing in his hands???? Really ???

P.S:  Books always added a life to me. Today I tried to give one the same! 🙂


14 thoughts on “She Finally Found Her Reader!

  1. You did give life to this story! I loved it! But I am a lover of metaphors and this had a cute twist! Thank you for your comment on my last post! You will never know how important your words were to me. The perfect timing and all. Thank you! NOW I am loving wandering through your posts as well! 🙂

  2. You are always welcome Ms. Coastalmom 🙂 You deserved what all I wrote there.
    And thank you very much for liking this one. I always write spontaneously whatever comes to mind I just jot it down here. This is one example of that. I know writers are supposed to think too much before they write.

    Anyways, thank you for stopping by! 🙂 and I love your writings

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