Honoring Teachers and …School!

Nostalgia and past is the most unbeatable combination of all times—no matter how much you hated those times back then, reminiscing them now hits that emotional chord deep down really hard. Yes, you don’t cry but your heart does. You just wish to go back and relive once…just once.

Happy Teachers' Day

Happy Teachers’ Day

Not many of us pay heed to the days which were extremely important at some point of our lives. One such day went past and most of the people in ‘The Retro City” was too busy to recognize…and even otherwise why would a non-teacher person care about Teachers’ Day. The memories of teachers’ day celebrations are still so fresh in my mind. How all of us celebrated the day with different styles every year!! The practices use to begin two weeks before at least. Dance performances, plays, speeches, games …my goodness—how the ‘little us’ managed all that by ourselves? We managed very bit from organizing events to refreshments and decorations on the D-day. Now when I am 22, I seriously think twice or thrice before indulging into any activity. May be we lose that spontaneity when we grow young. May be we start doubting our abilities, way too much.

Anyways…though I have always believed that respect and love lay in hearts and not in days, I genuinely wanted to go and meet all my teachers on this special day. Because I don’t know where they are? (Yes, yes, I am not good at staying in touch)

I was missing all of them, specially my teachers from class 10th. Yes, teachers do play a very important role in a student’s life. They don’t just forge us into good students; they chisel us into best human beings. We need them in all walks of life..through all our lessons. Lessons from books, love, friendship and life! They were not just great teachers…they were great artists. School was fun; I so much want to go back. Writing this is making me over-sentimental (not sure if it’s a word). How we grew up within a fraction of seconds. It was just yesterday, when all my friends and me were about to leave school and avoided talking about this to each other. Because that was the time we never wanted to grow up and leave..even if it meant repeating 10th for next 20 years. Of course that sounds unrealistic, but deep down we loved each other so much and never wanted to leave. God damn we were together for complete 12 years—studying from same teachers, sharing from the same lunch boxes,  playing the same old games during break time, splashing rain water one each other’s clothes…and many more things. I can go on writing endlessly about this, but time is again breaking all the bones of my feelings.

On a very nostalgic note I am ending this write-up and wishing all my teachers a very happy teacher’s day.

P.S: I am missing school. I am missing all my friends and teachers. I want all of you to be with me again..in the same place, doing the same silly stuff, laughing our asses out for absolutely nothing, wasting time……….


8 thoughts on “Honoring Teachers and …School!

  1. don’t exactly remember how many times i had written, edited and finally decided not to publish a blog on the teachers day.A blog dedicated to all my teachers was a very serious plan; unable to find the right words and expressions, the incomplete article is still in my drafts.
    Glad that you have a post on this ! good work friend..

    • Heyyyyy thank you so much for your kind words. I was missing the day and all the people connected with it very badly. That’s why I got the inspiration to put my feelings in this form. Why did you delete your post but? Spontaneity should be a writer’s virtue.

  2. This was epic. I loved your line: They don’t just forge us into good students; they chisel us into best human beings. We need them in all walks of life..through all our lessons.
    WHAT a wonderful tribute!!!!
    My daughter was nannying for my friend’s kids for a month while she was off work for a month and became really good friends with my friend’s daughter in law who is a High School English teacher and was sharing with my daughter that she told her class on the first day of school… “If you cheat you are only cheating yourself” There was more to it. But my daughter was telling me… “Can you imagine having Sarah as a teacher?” She was so passionate about it as she continued…”She is one of those teachers who changes lives and molds characters!” And it made me think back at some of my great teachers! We all have a few… and this was a great reminder. Thanks for posting it!

  3. I miss all of them. In fact one of them (my favorite) is not amongst us now. She’s with almighty. But I always feel that her teachings always supports me. N now when m writing this my eyes are filled with tear and lips with a sad smile…. she always use to say….Kanika you almost look like the little nandita (her name)…I miss her. Anyways thankyou for the kind words. Hugs and kisses:) 🙂

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