The Curious Case of Nosy Neighbors!

Hello bloggers!!! It took me a while to resurrect, but anyhow I am back—not with the BANG of course! But yes I am just back. It feels good to be here, great actually. And ‘feeling good’ is more than a reason to be somewhere.

However, unfortunately people around us take a bit long to understand this fact. That this ‘feel good’ factor is one imperative thing to do something or anything in life. We all have this (in) famous neighbor fraternity, who wants to keep a genuine check about all the important happenings in our lives. If someone from India is reading this, he might have understood what I am talking about. These neighbors are so incredibly concerned about our lives that they can miss a breath for all the gossips. The other day while travelling in a local city transport bus I overheard a conversation between a girl (G) and her neighbor (N).Yes, I knew about their being neighbors because of the so obvious and talkative N.

neighboring gossiping

N: Hello sweetheart! When did you come back? Your mother didn’t even tell me. How is everything?

G: (with that raised-brow look) Hello! I just came two days back

N: You know Mrs. so and so’s daughter ran away with her boyfriend last week. They were from different casts you see and parents were not approving of.

G: (without any major heart-breaking reaction) Oh! I see

N: These children my god!!!   They have lost all moral values…how could they do this? How could they marry in different casts?

G: (not acknowledging any bit of the talk) hmm

But you know how these people are, if we seem least interested they have another weapon, which invariably hits right in middle of the mind and dysfunctions our nerve of patience!! Something similar happened here.

N: Nevertheless, you tell me when are you getting married girl? I heard about the guy you met last time. What happened? He didn’t like you? Was he over-qualified? Or under-qualified..?

G: He was not my type. I mean, we wanted different things from life and so we decided not to take the matter further.

..And the curious neighbor was shocked and perplexed to the extent as if G spoke some alien language. She needed a glass of water to gulp that straight forward extraterrestrial answer. Anyways, somehow she breathed into a new life and asked.

N: What is your age? I think you are close to 30. You know what, you should get married. Otherwise you won’t get good guys. Good guys are really hard to find these days.


Now, this I don’t get! What is with this marriage thing? And I don’t understand the logic of interrelating good guys with age? If a guy is that good, he could wait for the girl or may be give her time to get comfortable with this marriage thing. And how come guys turn bad with age? If I buy this logic of our so called modern society, then we shouldn’t get married anytime in life. Because, you see, the moment your husband starts aging, he will turn all the more BAD.

Well I am not saying this!! It’s just an inference of our very own ‘Great Indian Logic’

G: I-AM-TWENTY-SEVEN not 30(she said with all the frustration reflected by the UPPER-CASE). I don’t want to get married right now. I will do it when I will find the right person and when I will ‘feel good’ about getting married. Anyways what about your son? Actually I saw him with one of my friend in the city. I just thought of telling you just like that. Is he at home, I had some work with him?

N: (angry as hell, but still pretended to be nice) no he has gone for a trip with his friends. Ok sweetheart! I need to go for now

G: Okay take care and do tell your son that I saw him. (She said with giggle, proud and sly expressions)

She was no sister, friend, or even a distant cousin, but she was from ‘our victim youngster fraternity’. So, I felt very much proud because she counter questioned her curious neighbor and taught her a lesson. And I can bet, that neighbor would think thrice before poking her whatever into other’s business.

Neighbors around are interested in your minutest of details. What is your job? What time you come home? It’s a terrible thing to ask but how much do you earn monthly? And if you are sitting at home, preparing for some exam then you become –one useless of a thing who would never ever do anything substantial in life—

What are you doing these days? Ohh! Preparing for exams? What exams? From where? What subjects? What book? What page? What line? What word?……..okay that’s it. I went a bit over board I guess. .

P.S: We respect the genuine concerns of our beloved neighbors, but sometimes, only sometimes if you feel like thrashing them back with actually genuine answers. Just do it!


2 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Nosy Neighbors!

  1. Ask me bout it! I get quizzed on, you should get married and all those craps..meaning im bad coz m 30 plus lolzzz…I so hate those maan na maan mein tera mehmaan type who are more interested in you getting married or procreate..,

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