Why It Is So Hard To Say Good Bye?

The name is ‘Goodbye’ which has nothing ‘Good’ in it. It is always, always very hard to bid a goodbye. Even if you are leaving something you hated all your life, even if you thought, going would be the best thing that can happen to you..your heart always feels that little hunch inside when you realize that you are never going to see the person or place ever. It is difficult to move when you leave something behind and when you are the one to be left behind, the heart-ache gets deeper.


No matter what, you leave a tiny bit of your heart everywhere you go. You say it thousand times before leaving the place, but it feels important to say a ‘BYE’ at the final move.




P.S: Kitni bar bhi keh do, ek aakhiri bar kehna kyun zaruri hota hai


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