I’m The Hilly Girl…Hands Down!

I live in this beautiful, beautiful city. When I say beautiful, I mean it from B to L. It is actually more green and less black, unlike most of the cities in India. Plus monsoon plays its part in making the place breathtakingly beautiful.  I don’t have the most amazing life nor do I have the kind of life I always longed for or dreamt of. But still I am happy and believing, because I’m the love of some incredible people’s (my parents’) life, I have lovely friends to count on, I eat food three times a day, I have a comfortable bed to sleep, I have got a roof that protects me, I have a goal to achieve and a dream to look forward to. This gives me enough reasons to be happy.



hilly girl

So does that make me perfectly happy? Well I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that a very large portion of my heart lives in my home town—which is, not to mention, a very beautiful hilly land. In my happy ‘kido-days’ I always used to think how amazing life in plains would be? I always wondered about the four-lane roads, big duplexes, shopping malls, big gardens, the night life and many more things that sounded amazing then.  I hated the unnecessary long walks we had to take in hilly areas, the ill-timed rains, going home as soon as the sun sets, staying in for innumerable number of days when it use to snow outside and the three-month winter holiday period-which seemed like a never ending pointless free-time. But now, when I look back, things seem different, or maybe I look back with a different perspective. Suddenly all the big cities and their pleasures have minified in front of my small hilly-land. And the adage ‘All that glitters is not gold’ has started taking a route to reality.

This happens, right? We always feel nostalgic about the past, no matter how irritating it was. We always remember those happy moments and all the sad ones generally take a back seat. So when I look at my home town again….the small roads seem less noisy to travel peacefully, the small houses feel better than any big duplex, the small shops bring back the time when we use to buy four sweets for Rs.1, and now coming home as soon as the sun sets, is the first thing I pray for. The unnecessary long walks seem a perfect alternate to escape the morning exercise, getting stuck in the home in snow seems like living the best moments of my life, and three-month long holidays seem a dream which is nowhere close to  reality. If someone from hills is reading this, he/she can understand the virtues of being a ‘Hilly-kid’. For us trekking was just another word, and snowflakes were like the  delicious winter delicacy  for us. Oh…I am missing it so bad!!! Wish I could live and work there for the rest of my life. And this tells me that I am no way a person who loves to live in plains…I was, I am and I will always be a hilly girl.


P.S: Heart is where family is, and home is where heart is!


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