Day 4–Dear Brother

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the fourth letter, which is addressed to your brother/closest sibling.

Dear Brother,

Wooww !! This is the combination of words I might have never used. Wait! Lemme think…ummm…ummmmmmm…ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,…okay forget it!  :\ You’re lucky to have found this rare to find combination on my blog, because when I check the facts about our sane behavior with each  other, the records are heart breaking.  It is not tough to start writing a letter to you because we can talk on anything and everything almost. Yes, we fight or rather you fight for the heck of it, yes we are miserable when it comes to compromising on one T.V channel, yes we are too bad at sharing food 😉 but when we have this serious discussion on anything….We get like REAL SERIOUS that even dad cannot resist listening to our intelligent talks. 😀


I still remember, we were on our way to village, with two of us on the back seat of the car and suddenly some serious conversation popped up. We were busy discussing the issue without paying heed to the four ears on the front seats, who were just about to burst out of laughter in a few seconds. They couldn’t resist much and papa finally said it ” What a mind blowing discussion”…and suddenly we resurrected… :D. If was just yesterday when things were so easy, we were kids..and you were fat. 😉 But life happened and we grew up, started thinking like adults, starting talking like adults. I so want to go back and relive our childhood again…but then in front of time we aren’t the choosers.

Things changed  but one thing that didn’t is the bond we share —-a perfect bond of friendship. I hope we would maintain this throughout our lives. Cheers to us! I always say that I am more privileged as I am THE DAUGHTER of our house, but the truth is you’re even luckier because you’ll get to stay at home forever unlike me. Anyways..this is getting way to sentimental, so I wont go that far. For now, I am happy that you’re my brother and a great friend. I will keep fighting with you and shouting out loud for mom’s help…(remember how bad you use to curse me whenever I took mom’s refuge and put you trouble)…hahaha!! 😀

Take Care!



P.S: We are one of those who live outside the touch of time. Time fled but we know each other as we always did! 

Day 3–Dear Mommy and Dada

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the third letter, which is addressed to your parents.

Dear Mommy and Dada,

I am already falling short of words. No feeling can beat the one I am going through right now. While I am writing this I am really not sure of what I will write in this letter to you guys, because when it comes to parents not even God can fill that space.., leave alone WORDS. So I will begin with my folded hands and bent head– NAMASTEY, that’s how in India we greet everyone we respect. This was the first lesson I got from both you and I never fail to do that whenever I meet anyone elder–so you can start feeling proud of me ;). I haven’t done anything major in life (as of now) and I am not sure if I am going to do something great or not, but my chances will bounce to zero if I ‘ll not be grateful to the ones who brought me down here. So, thank you for making me your daughter.


There’s this thing we all go through—why is it so hard to say Thank you to our parents? I don’t know if its a story of every household or I have crossed all my limits of weirdness. But I do find it difficult to say Thank you to my parents….specially if its a response to some nostalgic gift. Anyways…!  

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Day 2– Dear Mr. Magical

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the second letter which is addressed to your First Crush.

Dear Mr. Magical

Sad songs in the backgroungd

I am a nineties person. Of course that doesn’t makes me any less fashioned, old or out-dated. However, the only difference between today’s teens and those of 90’s is that we were far more controlled in every sense. Back then CRUSH was the symbol of teenage and Crush Pimple was a crazy sign of being super liked by someone special. Speaking of which, takes me back to the fuzzy memories of my early teens, when every other cool looking guy was on my hit list. Do not take me wrong…you know what I mean! 😉

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Day-1 Dear Someone Who Will Always Be Cherished

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The 1st in the list is a letter to ‘Your best friend’

Dear Someone Who Will Always Be Safe In My Heart,

I was born 23 years back and since then I have met some of the best people on this earth, some of the worst people in this universe and some of those who plunk somewhere in between both of the above. I am bad at definitions so I am not sure how to fit a best friend into it, so I will pass that part. I have always believed that there are no perfect people, there are only perfect relationships. And when a friend steps into your life’s ship, a new meaning is added to it. Dear friend you came to my life just like any other person, but what makes you special is that you never let go of me. You were and are always there–in my ‘yaaayyy happy days’ and my ‘I don’t want to talk to anybody’ days. Silent but strong, you were just there.

Beast friends

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Female Chauvinism and Feminism: Erroneously Blended!

Before I start agonizing (people complain that I write less and agonize more in my posts) over the topic I will define Feminism a bit. In a very simple language, feminism is all about bringing men and women on the equal grounds of humanity. And it’s certainly not about excessive and blind patriotism towards female community. There are people surrounding us (including women) who interpret feminism in an extensively negative manner. They take it more of a negative word.

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