Love In Teens!

First things first, I am not a teenager. And because I am not a teenager, I can say that I have a bit of perspective that allows me to look back and observe the “love in teens” time. Is this taking you guys back to your sweet sixteen? No lies allowed, at least not in your heads..!!

teenager love


Every one of us has fallen in love in that particular age when love actually seems magical. When you see the person in every other cool looking lad, when the love stories touch your hearts to the extent of dropping tears, when the violins accompany you in the background whenever you see the person, when red is the only color you like, when meeting the person every time whip up butterflies in your stomach, and when there is no world beyond your cell phone. And if we talk about the unsuccessful love stories..they were even more exciting.

When losing yourself to love was utterly important than losing yourself to books, when you never minded spending that mini pocket money for that best friend you secretly loved, when watching that person with someone beautiful was hurtful than a major heart-attack, when doing homework twice or may be thrice was never counted as a favor and this one is my favorite—when the person appreciated you for being more intelligent than her/his love of life (then).

We did extremely silly things to keep them in our hearts safe and protected. Be it writing diaries, pasting their pictures there, or waiting hours for them, to take that one little walk. Yes they do seem silly now, but that was a beautiful time. That was a free time. We were free from all the mature things like, compatibility, money, job, or bills. All we knew was that the person is the only one on earth and everyone keeping an eye on him/her must be dreaded to death.

I remember this conversation when I was accompanying my best friend. After school we were supposed to meet the person she liked and not to mention, he was one year younger.

She: Hey!

He: Hey!

Silence, silence silence!

I: (in my head) what am I doing here!

I: Hey!

Silence silence silence!

I: (in my head) I am just meant to go with my friends and meet their loved ones. Wish even I could take them along someday to meet someone. Why I am not hot, or beautiful, or smart, why I am even born? How could I not have a boyfriend, when even the fattest girl in the school roams around with that hot guy? Okay, not so hot but she does have a boyfriend, right! And look at them…..THEM…OH OH NO NO NO …they are still silent.

This was the time I felt like a life savior who needed to intrude to destroy the enemy ‘silence’. With my helmet on, ready with the sword of words, a one –a two –a three…I need to say something….and then

She: oh! C’mon say something.

He:  yes!

She: I mean somebody has to be the man! Ok I’ll be the one.

He: yes! (as if she saved his life)

I: (still with my never spoken sword of words as if somebody said “statue”) yeah hehe!

And then their story began……

I was, of course, left behind just to accompany some other friend to escort her to the would-be boyfriend.

Yes I was one hell of that unlucky girl then, who never found her Mr. right in school and the ones I liked didn’t like me. But then, they say everything happens for a reason! 😉 But seriously this teen love is amazing. It makes us do things we could never imagine.

P.S: We were kids of 90’s when teenage was different, hormones were kept under control. But now teens are different—very different! Nevertheless, the teen love never changes!



2 thoughts on “Love In Teens!

  1. Ive done the stupid things zillion times only to be rejected by the super hot chicks. Whenever I see a super hot chick, the heart tells me, ‘Aukad mein raho tum, tere bas ki baat nahin hai.’
    See, too hot to handle:)

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