Female Chauvinism and Feminism: Erroneously Blended!

Before I start agonizing (people complain that I write less and agonize more in my posts) over the topic I will define Feminism a bit. In a very simple language, feminism is all about bringing men and women on the equal grounds of humanity. And it’s certainly not about excessive and blind patriotism towards female community. There are people surrounding us (including women) who interpret feminism in an extensively negative manner. They take it more of a negative word.

Feminism and Female Cahuvinism

Actually the thing that amazes me the most is, we live proudly in a male dominated society and the moment a female takes a step for the equal rights; it is taken as a shame. And who is responsible for this?  Beyond a shadow of doubt, our own selves!

Things happen and then they continue to happen because we get complacent with them. India is a country where feminism is not much witnessed (leave alone female chauvinism) and where the larger pool of females are deprived of their rights. There are still places where a mother tells her daughter to stay at home because her father is earning enough. But it’s not about the money, it’s about the dreams. There are still offices where if a woman gets promoted earlier than her peers, she is thought of as an overbearing and arrogant person. But not as a hardworking one! I can go on and on with this because there are many things that I don’t like and I do have the audacity to share it here. But my point here is not to focus on the wrong things but to tell every woman that you must not beg for your rights. Ask for them and if you are still deprived, fight for them.

Don’t fear of being called upon as a woman with low moral and family values (that’s how people in India treat a feminist). Being a woman doesn’t only mean that you have to sacrifice for family, entertain men and die; there is a lot more to it. Some people (men particularly) generally think that feminism is, more or less, another version of female chauvinism. Not because there is some truth behind this, but because they are afraid of losing their (forcefully acquired) ruling power. Why is it that if men dominate women it’s pride for them and if women do the same its chauvinism? I am really not a dominating kind of person and I completely understand that men and women both are entwined..certainly inseparable.

Same is conveyed by “The Yin-Yang theory” which represents the black and white ball. The ball cannot be completely white nor can it be completely black. Both require each other to exist! Just like both men and women require each other to exist and that’s how they will complement each other. Not by fighting to dominate one another. Now feminism came to existence when male chauvinism skyrocketed. It came, not to dominate males but to bring women and men on equal grounds.

So, women (and men) feminism is not a negative word and our constitution made rights for everyone (not differently for men and women).



5 thoughts on “Female Chauvinism and Feminism: Erroneously Blended!

  1. To whom are you complaining…to the same people who not more than 100 years ago used to burn their daughters alive?
    Count again…

  2. Hi… Where did that come from?? I am complaining to the people who feel proud to live in a male dominated society and look upon feminists as women with no values. I am talking about bringing men and women to the equal grounds of humanity. And its certainly not about 100 years ago…but about the people today in the present scenario.

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