Day-1 Dear Someone Who Will Always Be Cherished

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The 1st in the list is a letter to ‘Your best friend’

Dear Someone Who Will Always Be Safe In My Heart,

I was born 23 years back and since then I have met some of the best people on this earth, some of the worst people in this universe and some of those who plunk somewhere in between both of the above. I am bad at definitions so I am not sure how to fit a best friend into it, so I will pass that part. I have always believed that there are no perfect people, there are only perfect relationships. And when a friend steps into your life’s ship, a new meaning is added to it. Dear friend you came to my life just like any other person, but what makes you special is that you never let go of me. You were and are always there–in my ‘yaaayyy happy days’ and my ‘I don’t want to talk to anybody’ days. Silent but strong, you were just there.

Beast friends

I always thank God to have blessed me with beautiful relationships. I don’t have many though, but the ones I have are worth every second of life. You are one step above all of them. There were times when we just parted our ways due to certain underlying harsh realities but then those realities weren’t too strong to keep  us disconnected.  You’ve always respected that fine line of space I like to maintain in every relationship.  I owe you a big ‘Thank You’ for that—for nobody else can do this. Though we don’t share that ‘Tom and Jerry’ kind of a friendship but we do have a ‘Feviquick Friendship’. Cheers for our true bond !!. We share this perfect friendship may be because we’ve learnt to celebrate our differences, may be because we understand  that no matter what, we’ll be the same always. Yes, you irritate me for the heck of it sometimes, you just bring the worst out of me –you are talented I must say 😉 ….And I forgot to mention, that you do have a brilliant sense of humor–which you’ve reflected at the back of my notebooks many a times. I love that arm slipping trick of yours 😉 Good One!

I am running short of time now (like I always do) so I will hold on for now. May you have the kind of life you’ve always wished for, may you get everything that is good for you in the long run. Hasta La Vista for now!

Yours Lovingly


P.S: Don’t bounce on your couch after reading this. Chances are that you’ll fall off and break the ground. 😉


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