Day 2– Dear Mr. Magical

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the second letter which is addressed to your First Crush.

Dear Mr. Magical

Sad songs in the backgroungd

I am a nineties person. Of course that doesn’t makes me any less fashioned, old or out-dated. However, the only difference between today’s teens and those of 90’s is that we were far more controlled in every sense. Back then CRUSH was the symbol of teenage and Crush Pimple was a crazy sign of being super liked by someone special. Speaking of which, takes me back to the fuzzy memories of my early teens, when every other cool looking guy was on my hit list. Do not take me wrong…you know what I mean! 😉

I fell in true, deep and mad love in my head with countless number of movie starts and too good to be real people. Though I had a whole long list of my teen crushes but why I am addressing this particularly to you is, because you have the privilege of being the FIRST one.  So Mr. Magical I met you 10 years back during my winter vacations at some distant relative’s place—I guess so (all thanks to my poor memory). Nevertheless, we reached there on a lazy, rainy and foggy night, which was no less than a perfect romantic twilight. The moment I entered the house my eyes locked on this tiny, cute looking guy with extra-small sleepy eyes, badly longing for a 5 minute sleep. I tried to take my eyes off but for the first time they didn’t follow my orders. They refused  outright.

I was with my cousin and the next day we went for lunch where we had great fun. We explored the city, talked about ‘this n that’, and finally came back home. I was seriously thinking of the supernatural power you had of attracting people towards you. How did you manage that? My eyes wer god damn locked? How did that happen? It was no less than a MAGIC!!! My eyes fell asleep but mind kept on thinking about my first crush. The next morning I had to leave. You came to drop me and on the way you told me about this absolutely beautiful girl you met a year ago and how you fell in love with her. …..And BANG,,, BANG…I literally heard the sound of my heart breaking into pieces..Tiny little pieces 😦 …yes I was shattered..Badly. I boarded the bus with my broken heart, gloomy eyes and sad songs in the background. The whole situation felt like that unfair climax of a love-trio movie where the okay-looking girl is left alone. 😀 We never met after that.

You know what, honestly, this whole episode sounds as comical as it could be now. But then that was a phase we all are supposed to go through once in the lifetime at least.



P.S: Life is full of exclamations, periods, commas and hyphens. For they are responsible of adding a little flavor, a little magic and a little spark to your life. Live ’em Love ’em!


2 thoughts on “Day 2– Dear Mr. Magical

  1. Those crushed flash back lovely and cute memories. I am also a 90s kid and what fun it was, unlike today..goosebumps on seeing the crush and a mystery was in the air:)

  2. hahaaa yes yes indeed, goosebumps on seeing the crush. Watching them from the corner of the eyes, turning pink on a little wave of a ‘HI’ from them, hushhingggg everyone around when they use to blue call us on phone, ……and the list goes on and on.
    That was a different time..a different era..a magical feeling!! 🙂
    Thank you for stopping by fella!

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