Day 3–Dear Mommy and Dada

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the third letter, which is addressed to your parents.

Dear Mommy and Dada,

I am already falling short of words. No feeling can beat the one I am going through right now. While I am writing this I am really not sure of what I will write in this letter to you guys, because when it comes to parents not even God can fill that space.., leave alone WORDS. So I will begin with my folded hands and bent head– NAMASTEY, that’s how in India we greet everyone we respect. This was the first lesson I got from both you and I never fail to do that whenever I meet anyone elder–so you can start feeling proud of me ;). I haven’t done anything major in life (as of now) and I am not sure if I am going to do something great or not, but my chances will bounce to zero if I ‘ll not be grateful to the ones who brought me down here. So, thank you for making me your daughter.


There’s this thing we all go through—why is it so hard to say Thank you to our parents? I don’t know if its a story of every household or I have crossed all my limits of weirdness. But I do find it difficult to say Thank you to my parents….specially if its a response to some nostalgic gift. Anyways…!  

When I was a kid people used to ask me who do you love the most—papa or was a simple question to answer then, because my basis of judgement was easy—papa brings me sweets every evening and mom always freaks me out for these God damn studies—-So simple, Papa is my superhero and I love him more. However, when I am asked this now, it feels difficult than that IAS exam maths question. If we have two eyes how can we love one more and the other less…when parents have two kids how can they love one more and the other less..or how can they divide their love? They multiply it….and that’s where I found my answer–my love for you guys is multiplied with infinity= undefined.

I’ve never said this though, but you are the best parents in this world–you never stopped me from pursuing my dreams. You taught me all the moral values, to respect my culture and country and to do what is right and not what is easy. You allowed me to be a little ‘out-of -control’ sometimes, without compromising on the good things you’ve taught. Papa, thank you for loving me a little extra than brother, for giving me a little more than what he gets, for giving a more beautiful touch to my room than his’ and for allowing me to be the way I am. Mumma, thank you for caring for me, making me a perfect person (though I can never be), believing in me and praying for me everyday.

Now, I understand the importance of that thrashing and scolding you used to give us whenever we missed our prayers. A family that prays together, stays together. However creaky the adage may sound today, IT IS TRUE. Thank you again. No matter how much I thank you guys, it will always be thousand times less than what parents do for their children. To fulfill our needs, you gave up your desires and sometimes even your basic needs. To make us feel comfortable you struggled day and night. To give us the best education, you earned hard. To give us healthy food, you brought the best–without caring about the money it involved. You did the best you could and you are still doing. I can never forget the day papa, when you scolded me really bad for some utterly awful argument we were going through. I had cold and cough–and you know it better than mumma that how bad this idiot cold catches me. Even after hating whatever I said that day, you silently came to my bed and applied medicine over my forehead and kissed me. I wasn’t asleep, was just pretending to….That was the day I dropped my first tear of guilt…I grew up that day!! Thank you 🙂 ! Parents do have that X-factor of loving their kids unconditionally.

You know mom, you are too nice for today’s world. At times I get worried about what would you do when I ‘ll go away because this world doesn’t deserve such a pure heart. You love everyone, you’re kind to everyone, you do stuff for everyone…why?? Don’t do that because a) it makes me green-eyed and b) some people around are real bastards. Please, please and please make good decisions when it comes to being nice to people–not everybody is capable of bearing that much kindness. 🙂 I love you!

Hokay, guys enough of good things now because I really got to go. Do know that you guys are the best, I really really Love you and you owe me two three big chocolates for this modest letter (if at all you are going to read this)

Yours Lovingly


P.S: Mujhe mohabbat hain, Apne hath ki sab ungliyoon se, Na jaane kis ungli ko pakad ke, appne chalna sikhaya hoga.

(Translation: I am in love with all the fingers in my hand because don’t know which one you guys must have used while teaching me to walk.)


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