Day 5–My Dear Dreams

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the fifth letter, which is addressed to your dreams.

My Dear Dreams,

I have many of you hovering around my head and mind all the time. I don’t know if I am moving close to you every day, but what I do know is that I remember you guys like every morning and every night. May be that’s not enough, may be we need to get closer with each day passing by, may we should just say “Hi” once in a while. I know my uninteresting job keeps me occupied most of the time but then necessity is the parent of dreams.


I have this simple list of achievable dreams that doesn’t demand much of hullabaloo. They are simple, just like dreams of any other girl next-door.

The first on the list is to make my parents proud.. to make them feel that what all they invested in making me a good person is perfectly reflected in me. I dream to watch them happy and contended about the kind of person I am. I dream about hearing them say “We are always proud  of you”. Secondly, I dream of living this life to the fullest (and I do that , hands down!) forever…living it at its best…so that the day I die would be the happiest day of my life. Thirdly, I dream of doing something for my country and the deprived people around (it may sound funny to some people but I genuinely dream of this)..people who are often ignored, who lack the poise to have their SAY in their world. Then, I dream of being a great writer (I know I am over-estimating my skills though 😉 )…okay not great but at least a good writer. I dream of living the kind of life which is free–free from other’s rules, their definition of wrongs and rights, free from judgments—in short I dream of living it the MY WAY, all through the life.

..AND lastly I dream of getting happily married to the man of my dreams and living my perfect life with him till the day I leave this planet.

The list is not long 😉 and is no way unrealistic…I guess so…ummm..yes it isn’t.



P.S : Creating a new dream each day is the best way to create a new life every day. Dream, chase and don’t let your dreams be just DREAMS—–for life is too short to wonder the right or the wrong way! 


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