Day 6–Dear Stranger With Memories

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the fifth letter, which is addressed to any stranger you met.

Dear Stranger With Memories

“There’s this thing about travelling; you could talk to someone for hours without exchanging any whereabouts, tell them your deepest secrets and then never meet them again!”


He was a stranger..

I travel a lot  ‘A LOT’ and so I am bound to find people  I don’t know, people I avoid talking to, people I end up talking with-by the end of the journey, and people I would never meet up again. I am an ambivert and a very very volatile person–sometimes you’ll find me initiating the talks and sometimes I can be one hell of a person who can look out of the window for the entire journey just to avoid talking. So I met you long time back on one beautiful rainy and foggy journey. There was no intention of talking to you–because for me it’s always simple, I don’t think too much about talk or not to talk to a person. I was just enjoying the weather and suddenly a voice popped up from my left

Stranger: Hi

I : Hi

Stranger: This city is beautiful I must say and the weather left me mesmerized.

I just gave a smile with appreciating nod.

Stranger: But the roads here are too narrow. The state government is not doing anything to maintain this hilly beautiful land. The roads are narrow, hotel rooms are small, there is no convince except for the local city transport buses, you have to walk endlessly, and rains make the place difficult to live in.

I have this habit of getting offended whenever I am made to listen bad things about the people or things I am close to—be it people, food or places! So I was being very patient with this snob, until he looked at me and said..

Stranger: Don’t you think people here are too easy…!…!…!

I : I BELONG TO THIS PLACE MR. WHOEVER YOU ARE. (and my voice meant all of it in the CAPS)

He sensed the unbelievable love for my place inside me and so he chose to take a U-turn. He kept silent for quite a while..a long while actually  (it took him so long to think good things about my place)

Stranger: But you know what the people are extremely kindhearted.

Yes, he was being very careful with his choice of words.  ‘Kindhearted’ was the kind of word I was expecting of him next. 

I :hmmm (a little attitude is always healthy) 😉

Stranger: So what do you do? Work or study? Wait, lemme guess…ummm study right? Girls who work start looking aged before time.

What a weird logic!! I don’t think he even thought something before making this ‘out of nowhere’ and ‘o really’ remark. He just said it for the heck of it I guess. 

I : I work! 

Oppss! He missed the shot again and became the victim of my obnoxious gestures yet again.. ..

Stranger: Ohh! but you don’t look like your that much aged. You look like a school going girl.

My mind took a big sigh after listening to this. This guy needs to repeat school…at least the freaking classes where we learn how to talk to a girl. My mind already labeled him “someone with poor logical skills’ but the morals inside still insisted me to give a reply. 

I : I am 21 (I met this guy two years back) 

Yet again….he missed it badly!! 

With so many defeats down the line in one go, he was kind of feeling sheepish and lost and shattered and embarrassed. He was very clearly hitting on me and may be I would have also thought of just talking to him at least. He was good looking, hands down,but the looks were not matching his talks. He was speaking without talking anything…I am sorry to say this. I not the kind of a person who judge people on the basis of intellect and I truly think we all have similar abilities, it’s just the matter of hard work we put into something. May be I was too annoyed to forgive any loose talks that day. 😉 So, yes he was defeated again and this time he chose not to talk about anything or he might would’ve ended up like 

Stranger: Ohh! What a lovely name!!! I like this name so much.

I : I hate this name…and I fight everyday with my parents to give me such an absurd name”

Hahhhaaahha 😀 😀 Some of the days actually don’t like us.  

I slept and then there was no defeats for a long time ;). When I woke up we were about to reach the destination and the moment I turned to my left ..I found an empty seat. I searched back and forth..once again…yet again..but he was gone. And who would stay after so many lost battles on the go 😉 There was one piece of paper lying on the seat…I picked it up and opened it…

” You have beautiful eyes—Stranger” and I was left amazed. I folded that note, kept it back there and turned towards the window—-my eyes and lips couldn’t stop smiling. May be that’s the weakest point of girls —praise the slightest bit of her beauty and she calms down right there. I never met this guy again but he gave me a very fond memory that made me write this whole long letter. Thanks to this 30 day letter challenge because I  completely forgot the incident till this challenge made me push my thoughts of meeting ‘a stranger’. Mr. stranger, that note assured that you’re a nice person, you did not leave your contact number on that letter tells me that you’re genuine too. Thank you for the lovely complement. I am sure you’re never going to read this and even if you do you’ll never find out its me.

Anyways, Thank you for the lovely memory. 🙂



P.S: Everybody is a stranger till you choose to talk and narrow the gap. So were our parents when we were born–they just chose to talk to us! 


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