Day 7– Dear X

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the seventh letter, which is addressed to your ex

Dear X,

Because this is a 30 day challenge, I am bound to write something in this letter. Otherwise, I am really not interested.


“Aur bhi gum hain zamane me, mohobbat k siva”

I Don't Give a Damn...Really

I Don’t Give a Damn…Really

P.S: Some stories are better untold


3 thoughts on “Day 7– Dear X

  1. Haahhhaaa…!!!

    Thank you for appreciating! I am just amazed that how come this one line can catch someone’s attention…even when you are not a WordPress user. And you know what..the other story on which you’ve left your comments is my first story ever and is, thus, very very close to my heart.

    Thanks! And yes….’aur bhi gum hain zamane me mohobbat k siva’ 😉 this sound hilarious indeed!

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