Day 8–Dear Ms. Angel

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the eighth letter, which is addressed to a deceased person you wish you could talk to.

Dear Ms. Angel,

‘Don’t wait for something until it’s gone. Don’t wait to say what you want to, until you lose the person forever. For then there will be nothing you can do to bring them back, no matter how hard you try’

Happy Teachers' Day

Happy Teachers’ Day

Okay, let’s just begin with a ‘Hi’. So how are things up there? I have been told that people who do good deeds find a place in heavens. I am afraid where they would have placed you..because you crossed all the limits of being nice to the world. If you were reading this, you would’ve raised your brow with that attitude “Thank you, I know I am lovely”! I loved that about you ma’am. I loved that about you– the art of loving yourself beautifully. How did you do that?

You had so many things to worry about, but you never allowed them to ruin your world. I couldn’t be more thankful to God for giving me a beautiful teacher like you. Like I always say “Teachers do not just forge us into students, they chisel us into good human beings”. You always made sure that along with getting good grades in Geography and English we must not fail in life. We were kids then but you were the only one who never treated us like ‘KIDS’. Though we didn’t have the wisdom to grasp all what you taught, but I listened to all of it. And believe me whenever I am banged down by life, you are the first person after Papa, whose lessons occur to me then. My throat is choking when I am writing this…because I was one hell of that unlucky student who wasn’t there in your last days.

I called you a thousand times, but nobody answered. I was told later by a friend that you’re not allowed to take any calls. I was stupid to not to visit you in person….and a few months later i heard ‘THE NEWS. I was shattered—I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t talk, I went numb for a few hours….It was difficult to gulp that news for me may be because  I wasn’t aware how serious your problem was. I still remember you once brought a photograph of yours just to show it to me ..”You so look like the little Nandita”…and thence I started believing that  ‘I am more special to you than any other kid in school, hands down!” May be I was not, but you did make me feel that ways.

You were amazing ma’am!! You lived your life to the fullest and that’s what you told us since ever and you’ll be happy to know that I try and do that everyday. 🙂 Since, you’re gone things have changed. I grew up, started working, my parents say that I should get married–but I will not you know 😉 …and many more things. Wish I could tell you everything I wanted to but then “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. ‘

Wish you could read this letter…I so much wish! Anyhow, Happy Teachers’ Day. This is 5th September on our planet and I want to wish you a very Happy Teachers’ Day. I don’t know you guys celebrate it up there, but we still do it with all the enthusiasm. Just like “Kahani vahi hai, bus kalakar badal gye hai” (The story is same but with different characters)

I love you mam!

Yours Thoughts

P.S: “Never wait to tell someone how much you love them, because when they are matter how hard you cry, they won’t listen” 


2 thoughts on “Day 8–Dear Ms. Angel

  1. Loved it. And I agree with you and your thoughts. Always tell people how much they mean to you and how much you love them, even if that love is not reciprocated.

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