Day 9- Dear Non-existent

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the ninth letter, which is addressed to your favorite internet friend.

Dear Non-existent,


I am an ambivert as I’ve already mentioned in couple of my letters. This particular word engraved in me doesn’t allow me to talk much–be it online, off line, to strangers, or newly made friends. However, once I indulge in talks, I am difficult to stop. I am a bore sometimes and I am ‘life of the party’ in the other –all depends on the mood and the surrounding crowd.  Am I going off the track? Yeah, may be. So, this letter is addressed to you Mr. or Ms. Non-existent a.k.a ‘a favorite internet friend’. This clearly depicts that I don’t have any favorite internet friend or lemme think…ummmm…actuallly I don’t really have any unknown or known favorite friend on internet.

I know social media is a timeless legend, which has proved to be a match maker in innumerable cases.  But for me its nothing more than a life savior–sorry if I am hurting sentiments, but it is. I interact with many new people online–most of them exists in my WordPress reader section, but I don’t think I am FRIENDS with somebody. Yes, the ones I know in person are worth every second of life and I love them all. May be my concept of FRIENDSHIP is a bit overboard..or may be I am a little off center today……writing things that are making less sense. I had been into this blind Gmail chat with some unknown lad long back in college. The experience was disastrous…so I just allowed my instincts to rule over my wishes since then. Moreover, this routine-wrapped life relegates everything that tries to break it of. Dear non-existent please be the way you are–away from me. I know that sounds rude but as they say ‘ignorance is worst than rudeness’. You never know you might save your self from a massive heart-break, by not getting in touch with me. 😉

Ohkay enough of throwing this wrath upon you. This is seeming too good to be true..I mean how easy life would be if we could do this on our every ‘blue’ days. Throw your wrath upon any non-existent person and get along–without worrying about the revert.



P.S: If I ever had any unknown internet friend and if that friend reading this piece…just shift+delete all those memories. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 9- Dear Non-existent

  1. hmmm sometimes back was feeling lonely..but Is it worth talking to someone whom u don’t even know on net…It’s better talk someone live..:))

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