Day 10–Dear Ms. Laughter

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the tenth letter, which is addressed to the person you miss the most.

I am lagging way behind in writing these letter challenges. However, I will not miss out on any letter even if I go for one letter a week.

Dear Ms. Laughter,

This was your trademark–LAUGHTER–whenever you used to laugh, you dreaded the entire floor with your horrifying yet scintillating laughter. Every time you cracked a joke  with that guffaw, the latter part was the subject of most of the amusement. You were a different person altogether than what you are now. You were the life of everything you were a part of.


You made everyone happy and believing. Life can be so unpredictable at times, everything changed with a blink of an eye. The years we spent together were the best years of my life. You always said and you say it even now “I don’t want a difficult life, if it can be a piece of cake I want to be the first one to grab the cake. I want an easy simple luxurious life. Period”. I am the first person today who wants the same for you–I want you to be happy, healthy, rich and strong.

I wish you could read this, but I will make sure this never reaches you because this would make you sad again. And I clearly don’t want this. Deep down we all want a happy and prosperous life without understanding and accepting the underlying depths. I have always believed that no matter what happens in life one must learn to kick the problems and play around with them for once. This won’t solve the problem, but this might give you the courage to face it and fight it hard. One must not lose the grip on life because if you do you’ll miss on it badly. What is the point in praying everyday, if we don’t respect the kind of life God has given. May be its just a phase to make you stronger, to prepare you for tough challenges or to just compensate something worst.  Things don’t recover overnight you know that better than anyone. You have seen me all through the two years I acted like morons and it was you who told me to get over that.

What has happened now? May be your problem is bigger than anyone else’s in the world, may be this is the most dangerous thing or may be  I can never understand the pain you’re going through. But what if it has happened to turn you into a person who is stronger than you ever were. Nothing can hurt you more than your own pessimism–and this is what I am examining when I talk to you these days. I miss you Ms. Laughter. I miss the real you. I miss our over-dramatic fights. I miss your getting upset on little things. I miss your emotional drama. I miss your love. I miss your friendship. I miss your concerns. I miss everything about you. You have a become a different person altogether.

Please come back, I am there with you like I always was. You’ll be fine I promise.

I love you!



P.S: Eshwar ki ibadat karne ka kya fayda, jab uski di hui zindagi ki izzat karna na jano. Believe in him!

  (Translation: What is the point in praying to God, when you can’t respect the life he has given)


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