Simple Pleasures Of Life

We are humans at its core!

That almost sounds like  a weird combination of words depicting something which is already barefaced. Yes,  we are humans and we know this hands down! Really? Or do we know Facebook more, or whatsapp or any social media interface for that matter? Understanding the latter sounds far more interesting, right? Yes may be for a few poor souls, but I have this one small part of my heart which is anti-technology. Not that I hate it, its just that I don’t like it. I hope you guys understand the difference.


It has indeed conferred some extremely valuable things that are just too good to ignore. What I don’t like is relegating everything that is more important. I went for a walk last evening, I saw a couple sitting next to each other,and which is absolutely perfect. What is not that perfect is their inseparable love for the smartphones they were operating. God knows what made their eyes lock to their respective smartphones! I would’ve clicked the picture and posted it here but I couldn’t for obvious reasons. I stared two of them, like for continuous five minutes, standing their still. They probably met to spend time with each other but were more loyal to their phones. They missed something very important–Actually spending time with each other! 

I went a bit further and decided to sleep on MY PLACE–yes, I have created a space for myself in this park where I lie down at the periphery of a sliding swing. I lie down there to watch the twinkling stars, sky,and moon. It is relaxing! While I was living my most beautiful moment of the month, I was disturbed by this hushing sound of strong breaths , in and out, on and off, continuously. With his earphones plugged into  his ears and iPad kept in font of him, God knows what he was trying to do. After a serious examination of a few minutes , I figured it out…Of course, one respectable old man was doing some breathing exercise. I was actually terrified with the kind of energy he was putting into this health program, because he was a feeble man with almost a zero figure. He finally stopped after fifteen minutes or so and walked away. Amid his terrifying breathing exercise, he forgot to breathe—-a simple pleasure that could have actually kept him healthy. Being alive to each moment is to feel every breath you take. However, unfortunately, we never realize the importance of breathing until we get drowned.

There are so many simple pleasures that lose their worth amid all the materialistic things, and all the swagger around. Dancing like crazy, laying back and watching the starts, helping someone in need, hugging the one you love, staying up all night talking (not with someone the phone of course)–all this seems stupid to us. We confuse being practical with being materialistic.

Are we practical or just materialistic?? We rarely bother to answer, because, of course –what is the need to understand people and yourself when there are amazing gadgets and technical things to understand. All this is sure to take its toll one day to make us miss something very —LIFE! Nevertheless, we are happy living our lives superficially rather than inside out!

Anyways–I had a relaxing evening, apart from that old man’s breathing episode, and an amazing weekend this time! 🙂

P.S:  Human beings are more important than being human!


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