Inside A Woman..

A woman’s mind, as men say, is the most intricate puzzle to solve. The ocean of thoughts and emotions are bit too much to comprehend. Their unprecedented bent towards emotional side of a situation or thing or a person is most of the time labeled as being ’emotional fools’ by their counterparts.

It has always been an unsolved mystery for me to understand people’s logic of connecting being emotional with being wretched. If a woman is high on emotion, does that mean she’s this wretched personality who goes into the hyper-state for no big reason? At least, men around me (except a few) make me feel like that.  I am a very emotional person, hands down, and I have no embarrassment in writing this. I feel heart-throbbing when I see unlucky souls sleeping on the countryside, I feel like crying when I am helpless in giving a helping hand to kids who can’t study, I feel like slapping that bastard who tries to make dirty moves on the girl standing by, …and I feel more humane doing these things. I mean Yes there are plenty of other things to feel more humane but if these are labeling me an “emotional fool” I am completely fine with the label.

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If I were the Prime Minister…

There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when the the disturbed surroundings make us say things like “If I were at his place, I would have done….” Our exasperation and discontent leaves no room for our mind to silently reiterate the thought that popped out a few seconds back.

A few days back I was asked this question by a fellow worker. He walked angrily and sat on his seat in a little disturbing manner. “What would be the first thing you do, if you become the prime minister of this country?” he asked. My inability to utter any reply made me realize how tough the question was! The level of difficulty in this question is decided by the differences in perspectives. Whether we are watching it from the closest level or the farthest one,  what are things are we looking at while deciding to answer the question,  through whose perspective we are viewing the entire picture? The three sentences above changed the level of a simple question asked generally by a friend.


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