Damn Reality..I Want Magic To Happen!!


That’s too absurd of a statement I know, but this is one thing that my heart longs for. As we grow up and start understanding life and the fact that there is no damn thing like magic, we stop dreaming! We populate our minds with pessimistic thoughts like ‘how can I do it when many great people failed at it?’ ‘I don’t want a great life; I just want a simple life’. All nonsense, who doesn’t want a great life, who doesn’t want to get famous for any good work they do, who doesn’t want to earn lots of money and who doesn’t want to live a magical life? I am sure each one of us. I want every bit of this. Deep down a “YES” pops out from some corner of every heart to all these questions. Then what stops us from living the kind of life we always wanted. May be our presumptions about the pre-requisites of doing great things! I don’t have a pen so I can’t write for now (but being a writer is my dream)—you can go buy it or borrow it or write with a pencil may be. I don’t have a tread mill and don’t have time to go jog (but I do want a sexy looking physique)—you can take stairs instead of lift to your office.

These are just petty examples how badly we procrastinate things, leave things for tomorrow that’s never going to come, stop dreaming and stop believing in the magic of life! The magic and spark within us, that can actually make us do great things in life. That can make our reality equal to a magical life!

I am not writing these days, wanted to put something really nice here, but ended up with this. However, I want to make my life magical…like really really great, because I am fed up with the reality I am living in. I hate routines….I failed at something I was doing to escape my boring routine, which is why I was just motivating myself by writing this.

I am hoping I would carry-on with all the enthusiasm again!

Everyone have a good day!