I almost lived a movie…


Though I never aspired to be an actress, but the idea of ‘living a movie for one day’ really stirs up my hidden acting talent ;). My city is witnessing continuous rains since 2 days. I love rains all the time except when it is accompanied by an extremely cold weather. Winters are beautiful but then the beauty decreases with your urgency to go to your office and that too early in the morning. I had one exam this Sunday at a place close to my native place. Amid all the rain and cold I had to start early in the morning. I reached there one and a half hour before time. It was absolutely cold, raining, foggy, hilly and aloof.

With my umbrella on, I went to the guard and asked to open the gate. With that evil grin he refused to open with an extremely poor logic of “security reasons”. Nobody was allowed to enter even the canteen for “security reasons”. From where in the world these guys bring such stupid reasons to fool students. Anyway!! With no other option left, I went back into the rain and cold with wet shoes. This place is on my way to home but I never happened to stop here and explore. So it was close to an alien land with fog all around and no other person to ask for help. I walked a bit and stood in a tiny electronics shop with hardly any light. My wet shoes and socks made me shiver like a person who has been given an electric shock! The shopkeeper suggested me to go to the “dhaba” and have some tea. After walking a little more, I found one air-conditioned tea shop—with tin roof, and dirty benches.

I had no other option—so I drank the tea and warmed up a bit. I left the place as soon as I could. I found a good looking, and cute restaurant built of wood. With a tinge of happiness I walked towards that…and to my dismay..it started snowing heavily!!! I love snow but not like this..it was killing my happiness then.

I entered and ordered for a bowl of soup. It took that waiter a half-an-hour to bring that soup. Meanwhile I opened by cold-ridden shoes. My feet was numb, unable to make any movement and almost dead.  I shouted for hot-water. The waiter came terrified as if his boss is angry for some reason and placed a glass of hot water on my table. I lifted the glass and as I walked towards the door…I realized that I am missing an amazing amazing scene. A heavy snow fall from the windowpane of a small hut restaurant!!

With all what was happening, I almost felt like I am living a movie!! I walked past the door and dropped that hot water on my feet. They were pretty much cold and demanded serious attention. I sat on the chair with folded feet and had my soup—watched the amazing view and lived an amazing day. I have seen snow for countless times but never realized its beauty.

But then…I had to leave the restaurant and go for my exam amid all the cold outside. We all know how exams have the real talent of screwing your happiness!!! 😦

P.S: Affection only grows as we move away from a thing, place or person!