Sydney Siege, Peshawar attacks or tragic 16th Dec 2012…R.I.P Humanity!

I wrote this post long time back. Thought of posting it, but for some grammatical reasons it was lying safe in my “Draft House”. The incidents I was writing about are past now and it’ll be a perfect epitome of sciolism to talk about them now. But I am still posting it as a gesture of wrath for all those who are responsible for spreading all the ill-feelings in the air in 2014.


A lot is happening in the world with hatred howling from every corner. It has been like “I don’t like your religion—shoot (gunshot); I like your legs—rape; you don’t follow my orders—blast. Has humanity really taken a backseat? Really? Don’t people feel anything? Don’t they realize they too have a mother, children, and a wife? How would they feel if something similar happens to any of these? These realities seem like a horror story to me…where rapists threaten girls to get raped or they would do what happened with #nirbhaya, where out of nowhere a man terrifies the entire town sitting in a café leading to death of an innocent lady with two kids left alone, where terrorists blow the entire school to teach army a lesson.

Can anyone tell me who in the world teaches someone a lesson by killing innocent children who are too naïve to understand any of this?

What happened in Syria or rather happening there has surpassed the levels of humanity. They are killing people like kids show their wrath by throwing pebbles at each other. They marched from Syria across Iraq, where they continue to hold a territory and murder who don’t obey their orders. The ISIS and Syria militias are fighting because of the Sunni-Shia problem, whose root cause is religion. I mean Religion?? Which religion teaches you to kill people or force them to worship GOD in a particular manner. Newspapers say ISIS is very much adamant about their beliefs!

Seriously!! Beliefs?? What kind of beliefs? Did God sent them a personal message to show people the right way or wrong way of Worshiping God? or is there actually a “WAY” to worship God. I thought the belief comes from within and like I always say–God is nothing but peace in your sleep, motivation in your thoughts, courage within you, love in the world. He is sunni, he is shia, he is allah, he is jesus, he is krishna and he is if you believe, not if you do not.

This incorrect understanding of the whole “GOD Concept” makes people do some highly offensive things. In the disguise of religion they do such obnoxious things just to feel contented about what they are doing. This is wrong..this is making people heartless..and creating an imbalance in the society. I do not disrespect any religion, but I truly believe that no religion can teach us to kill, rape, or murder for self-interest!

I bid a Goodbye to 2014 in a hope that it takes away all the unfortunate things.

2015–Please add some Humanity in the air, homo sapiens truly need it!

3 thoughts on “Sydney Siege, Peshawar attacks or tragic 16th Dec 2012…R.I.P Humanity!

  1. Exactly! People don’t want to think the other way round, as if they are plagued with these ill-thoughts. They fight for religion, for temples, for mosques, for self-interest and many such silly things that are far away from GOD.

    Nothing is permanent, except all the good things you leave behind.

    Thank you for stopping by!

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