I am considering retirement…

I ‘ve heard people saying that you should never opt your hobby as a full-time career because then it slowly and steadily destroys your love and enthusiasm towards it. Then there comes a time when you almost start hating your work, with no other option left, but to work halfheartedly. Honestly, I never believed these underrated pessimistic statements. I still don’t! I am one of those rare souls who tried to opt hobby as a career, got a very positive response in the beginning, and then suddenly all went like a topsy-turvy land. I hate my job now and when I am saying this I don’t really mean hating my hobby. My poor luck has put me into a really disturbing situation where I work under this totally uncool manager, who thinks I am good for nothing. I do things here that are far away from my actual hobby and these ‘things’ are invariably ruining my skills. My mind constantly pokes me about “How unproductive I have become” and ” How my graph has been on a constant decline” since I entered “Retro city” (my office).  This 9 to 6 scenario is just getting the worst out of me.   stay_happy_my_friend-556021 So, by and large, (for now) I am not happy with the fact that I have taken up this job, and ended up lying in lurch and that I have grown-up. Growing up comes with many strings and cliches attached. It comes with some mandatory risks –which are indeed important. But for now I am considering retirement from this whole ‘Growing Up’ process. I am relapsing from my early days to the days when staying foolish was allowed, when talking stupid was allowed, when all our wishes were fulfilled, when eating ice-cream was the greatest thing I could wish for, where life was much much lively and fun. I want to play the stupidest of the games again. I want to be happy and contented with the silly petty things again, I want to go and sleep with my mom again and I want to trick mom with that silly ‘stomach ache’ gimmick to bunk the regular routine wrapped life. P.S: Stay Foolish, and eat all the ice creams! 😉

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