Choices Beget Judgements, Which Again is a Choice!

“It is your choice to have sex outside marriage and if he chooses the same, do not call him a womanizer then. Because it is his right to make an opinion about it, it is his choice to call you whatever he wants”. And then it will be your choice to slap him and then again he can choose to harm you in whatever manner he wants to..but you are not allowed to freak out then, because it was your choice to have sex outside marriage.
Doesn’t this sounds like a confusing state of democracy, where everyone is fighting because he has a right to choose to hurt the other person and the other person has some freaking choice as well. My God—That ‘Vogue Woman empowerment video-My Choices’ has really managed to freakout my thoughts and has made me outscore even Kamal R Khan when it comes to absurdity. I am still figuring out what is Ms. Padukone and of course the director is trying to convey with the video, except for the word CHOICE. I watched the video thrice to make sure if I am not hearing anything wrong. On the first place why is it even potrayed as something related to “Woman Empowerment”? I did not find even a single sentence meant to preach woman empowerment. Please correct me if I am going wrong but seriously I can’t find anything empowering except for making choices, and not repenting.

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